Italian Week Day 4 – Egg Plant Roll


The recipe coming soon!




Beautiful lunch in Chianti, April 2011

Buongiorno! 🙂    This week I am having Italian Week on my Facebook page. 🙂  I have said it many times and maybe you remember that I am very fond of Italy.  One advantageous thing about living in Europe is traveling. It is not so far to travel to other countries, Sweden is so close that we can get there from  my home by car within 2 hours. Nowadays thanks to the budget airlines it is also getting easier to fly, and I am a very glad traveler. Italy offers many things, Roma, Milano, Firenze, Chianti, Venezia, Siena, Montecatini Terme… There are so many places I like to go back in Italy. And if you are a foodie like I am, you will come to one of the world’s food and wine paradise, that I can promise!  So, I hope you will have fun and enjoy one special week of Italy with me.

Tomato and basil, you can’t talk about Italian cooking without them
Insalata Caprese Bento Style 

Yesterday I had a meeting at work and I made these bentos for my boss and colleague. It was the last meeting before the summer holiday season, so we marked it with thanks to the heart and my bentos to the stomach. 

This bento box SHOKADO NOMI from Bento & co is my new addition, it is a great box for a special bento like this, the box is divided into three compartments and here I made :

From left   Zucchini boat with meat sauce (Barchetta di Zucchini), cherry tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, triangle egg omelet (Japanese recipe but three peaks represent the great mountains in Italy!)

Middle compartment has Japanese rice 
Compartment on the right has Spaghetti in tomato sauce, pork tender loin with bacon and rose pepper and I will give you the recipe of this pork dish in this blog post.  


Pork tender loin with bacon and rose pepper – Filetto di Maiale al Pepe Rosa

Dinner version for 3

– 1 whole pork tenderloin  approx. 800g

– 6 large slices of bacon (Please adjust according to the size of the loin)  

– 35cc  Dry sherry 

– 1 table spoon of butter, melted

– Salt, dry oregano, white pepper, pink pepper

1. Clean the tenderloin. Pat the tenderloin with a paper towel.
Remove the silver skin, it is a membrane on the loin and it is tough to eat.
I have written about the pork silver skin in this blog post  here

2. Slice the tenderloin into 6, season with salt, dry oregano, pepper and pink pepper.
Leave it for 10 minutes.


3. Heat the oven to 180C, place the tenderloin on a tray, pour the melted
butter and bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes or until it is baked through.
(it depends on the thickness of the loin).

4. Heat a frying pan and fry bacon. When it is almost cooked, pour in dry
sherry, increase the heat and let it cook.

5. Serve 2 pieces of pork tenderloin on a plate, bacon in between, use the
juice from the meat and bacon as the sauce. Garnish with more pink pepper
corns to decorate.

Buono Appetito!


Nous aimons Gyoza


This is my recipe for Gyoza, all from scratch.
There are many photos here and I hope you can follow it! (^o^)/

For 20 large gyoza :

200g flour (farine)
2g salt (sel)
100cc (10cl) warm water (l’eau chaude)
Corn Starch flour (Farine d’amidon de maïs)

50g Chinese cabbage (Chou chinois), 50g Green cabbage (Chou)
30g Green onion (Oignon vert), 20g Nira (Chiv chinoise)
30g Bamboo Shoots in can (les pousses de bambou)
30g Water Chestnuts in can (châtaigne d’eau)
2-3 Shiitake Mushroom (Shiitake champignons)
200g Minced pork meat (La viande hachée de porc)
10g Ginger (gingembre It is not in this photo)
Soy Sauce, Japanese sake, Sesame Oil


I use these. The round one is a cutter.

Rie has improvised!

Rie a improvisé!
Rouleau à pâtisserie pour les Gyoza! 🙂

These two are really salt and pepper shakers, but I use
them as rolling pins. 🙂
You will see it on the photo later.

200g flour 2g salt 100cc (10cl) warm water

Flour 100% : Salt 1% : Water 40-50%

Put salt in the water. Mix well.

Mix water and flour. Knead well. Knead at least 8 minutes.


The dough will sleep in the refridgerator for 1 hour. Zzzzzz…

Dormir dans un réfrigérateur. ZZzzzz….

Do not use a food processor for
Gyoza, please. Cut by hand and
a good sharp knife.

The cabbage and the chinese cabbage
are boiled together in a hot water for
3 minutes and then put it in cold water.
Cool it well. Then cut it very tiny
just like the green onion ↑

Do you have those? They give a crunchy
taste and it is very good in Gyoza.

Cut them very small by your knife.

Ginger. Gingembre.
Cut it very tiny.

See how tiny they are?
You can add garlic (l’ail) if you like.

Add 2 table spoons of soy sauce,
1 table spoon Japanese Sake,
1 tea spoon salt,
2 tea spoons of sesame oil.

Here is the filling.
Leave it for 15 minutes in a refridgerator.

Dormir dans un réfrigérateur.

Take the dough out and roll it out.
Use a big pin.

Cut it with a round cutter and roll it out with a small pin (salt shaker).

You push it and roll it over many times, at least 15 times.

It should be very thin. You can blow it and it should swing.

You cut out many round ones and have left over, gather it together and
knead with a little water and roll it out.

Voilà! I got 20 Gyoza!

You fill it with the meat filling.
You saw the YouTube video on my wall?
I do the same to fill it in. Use water on the edge.

Heat a pan and put some oil. Fry the gyoza very well, on a rather high
temperature. Watch carefully, as it gets burnt easily. Never leave them.

Put 50cc hot water over and put a lid. Do not put cold water!
Always HOT WATER!!!!!

Here are Rie’s Gyoza, made from scratch.

Did you know, we serve GYOZA like this in Japan?
Turned over to show how well you cooked the bottom.

Vous devriez retourner Gyoza et servir!

Gyoza sauce : Soy sauce, Rice Vinegar,
Chinese chili sauce and white sesame seeds.

Bon appétit!

Rie 🙂 xxxx

Here is my Gyoza video on You Tube!