Japanese ingredients




  1. Gobo (牛蒡)


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    We are lucky to have this vegetable in Norway, it is called Gobo (牛蒡)in Japanese and Storborre or Storborrerot in Norwegian.I buy Gobo at Mega Coop in Bekkestua but I am sure you can find it at other stores in Oslo.

    I remove the skin part by scrubbing with a clean scourer. You can also use and scrape with the spine of your knife but be careful with the blade. Wash and clean it with water and you should cut it right away as it starts discoloration. Prepare a big bowl of water and add 1/2 tea spoon of vinegar in it. Whittle the Gobo and shave it like you sharpen a pencil and soak the shaves into the bowl. After 4-5 minutes, the water has turned its color to brownish, you can take Gobo shaves out of the water and pat dry. Heat a fry pan, add sesame oil and sautee with carrots and season. (200g Gobo, 30g carrot, Sugar 1 table spoon, Mirin 1 table spoon, Soy sauce 2 table spoons) Sprinkle some white sesame seeds and here is Kinpira Gobo   









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