Making Curry Powder at home


Tuesday June 20, 2017

In Oslo we have a place called Grønnland and there are many exotic and ethnic stores. I love these stores, they give me a lot of inspiration of cooking, they make me want to learn more about unknown food culture and ingredients.  Specially they are quite specialized in spices.  Their daily cooking uses more spices than our Japanese cooking and these stores are famous for its great selection of all different spices. Yesterday I went to one of the large stores and bought 11 different spices.  Today I mixed them and made curry from scratch. It was such a fun cooking experiment to mix my own curry powder but it has to be improved.  Next week I will try 2 other recipes and experiment more to find the ideal balance between the spiciness and the sweetness, I believe the depth of the flavor can be improved by adding or decreasing one or more of these spices.  A fun journey to my ideal curry powder has begun….


Today’s ingredients:
4 1/2 tea spoons coriander powder
2 teaspoons of Turmeric powder
1/2 tea spoon chili powder
1/2 paprika powder
6 green cardamons
1 1/2 tea spoons cumin seeds
1/2 tea spoon black pepper corns
1/2 inch cinnamon stick
1/4 tea spoon whole clove sticks
1 bay leaf