New kitchen gadgets have arrived – Fissler Pressure Cookers



Soon it is my birthday and my husband gave me a wonderful set of pressure cookers that I wanted for awhile. Yeah! I did quite a bit of research (I am very particular when it comes to kitchen tools ) and decided to import directly from Fissler’s main office in Germany. As I don’t write or read German I struggled a little bit with the language but the ordering process ended OK and they arrived here the other day. Well, I said “the ordering process went OK” because the delivery process didn’t go OK……  The dispatch notice was issued and all looked fine but the arrival was so delayed. I traced the package on DHL’s homepage but there was no record by some reasons. I did not understand why, surely Fissler sent me an email saying that the delivery would be done by DHL. So I thought of that DHL you also would think of, yes that yellow one. After some telephone calls here and there I found out it was not that yellow DHL, it was Deutsche Post AG which operates under the name of Deutsche Post DHL….  What a confusing thing! I was more than happy when I found the package on the Norwegian Post’s homepage and found the reason of the delay: it went to a town in the very northern part of Norway near the North Pole (!) by a mistake and later I even got a apology letter from the Norwegian Post which is an unusual letter for them to write! Anyway, it went all ok at the end and I am happy it came ok. It was not a cheap shopping and I know I have to pay the import tax etc to the Norwegian Customs but still I wanted these pans. The main reason why I decided to direct-import from Germany was that there was no official sales agent in Norway for Fissler. There is a Norwegian maker who produces a pressure cooker but it was not the kind I want in size and in quality, and I knew Fissler is a good pressure cooker maker from before, my sister used it, I bought one for my niece when she got married as a wedding gift, both have been using very happily. A Fissler pressure cooker is something you can use for a long long time!


This is the metal basket for deep frying. I read many reviews about this basket and thought this will be a good tool for making dishes like Tonkatsu and Tempura, you know you always get bread crumbs and tempura batter in the oil. Japanese cooking seems to many that we eat raw fish and non oil cooking in broth and soy sauce, but it has amazingly a lot of deep frying dishes.


2 steaming sets also came and this pan will serve as a inner lid as well when you cook beans in the pressure cooker. It came with a stand which you insert in the pan and put this steaming set on. There were 2 kinds to choose from, one was perforated and the other was not. I chose this perforated one as I thought it would be more practical. 1 same inset came with one of the pressure cookers so I now have 2 sets.


How can I make the most use of a pressure cooker?
What is different from a regular cooking pan?
I am now reading the user’s guide book and learning it. But as I use it in my kitchen, I think I will get it more and faster than reading the book. I will add a new category in this blog for “Pressure Cooker Recipe”, so if you own a pressure cooker as well, please follow. And please share your favorite pressure cooking recipe! Happy Pressure Cooking!

Here are the line ups that went near the North Pole 🙂 

1 vitavit premium Pressure Cooker 2.5 L Skillet 
1 vitavit premium Pressure Cooker 4.5L
1 vitavit comfort Perforated Insert 22 cm
1 vitavit comfort Frying Basket 22 cm
1 vitavit comfort Additional Glass Lid 22 cm 

vitavit is the newest line of Fissler pressure cookers.  

xx Rie