4 Bento Okazu recipes


Thursday January 18, 2018


Really we have lots of snow this year, I am very much looking forward to spring.  When it is so cold outside people in Norway really get good at creating a nice and cozy and warm home.  Really life style and weather has such a strong relationship!

Last night I was spending some quality time in my kitchen, it is the nicest, coziest and warmest place in my home for me and I really enjoyed cooking our dinner and I made some vegetable dishes for my bento.

– Cucumber sweet and sour salad, soy sauce-base dressing
– Sweet and Savory Celery
– Carrot Salad

1 big cucumber is sliced thinly, I use a slicer. Put a little bit of salt and mix, leave it in fridge for 20 min.  Squeeze out water and put it in a salad bowl. Mix with this dressing :
vinegar  1 table spoon
soy sauce 1/2 table spoon
sugar 1/2 table spoon

3 stalks of celery are sliced thinly. Heat a frypan, add sesame oil and sautee celery.
when they are getting soft, put the heat higher and add this sauce and mix well.
soy sauce  1 table spoon
sugar  1/2 table spoon
mirin   1 table spoon


3 small carrots are peeled and cut into small julienne. Put some salt and mix. Leave in the fridge for 20 min.  Squeeze out water and mix with this dressing :
sesame oil   1/2 table spoon
garlic powder  1 tea spoon
white pepper and white sesame seeds
soy sauce   1 1/2 tea spoons

These keep well in your fridge for 3-4 days and make great Okazu for your bento!


The main dish in my bento today was Japanese Pork Ginger.

I used a pork loin filet, about 500g. Cut them about 1 cm thick, put salt and pepper and leave for 10 min.  Coat with flour (thinly). Heat a fry pan, add some vegetable oil. Fry them on both sides. Then add this sauce :

sugar   2 tea spoons
soy sauce   2 table spoons
mirin   1 1/2 table spoons
Sake  1 table spoons
fresh ginger   about 3/4 table spoons   if you like ginger, you can put more

Pork Ginger can be a very good dinner dish, you can make a little extra and put it in your bento next day.  These dishes with this sweet and savory sauce and dressing get better overnight, it is so helpful to have these Okazu ready at hand, you can pack your bento much faster.

Hope you can try!!

xxx Rie




A snowy Saturday


Saturday November 6, 2016

It is snowing in Oslo!!


It is also blowing and I feel cold just looking at this weather from my warm living room.

On a day like this it is nice to stay at home and do something you enjoy!

There will be a Christmas market soon and I am contributing some small bags and pen cases for the craft table 🙂






I managed to make 2 today!!



I spoke with my mom today and got a new recipe for Pork Ginger.

She also got this recipe from the owner of her favorite meat shop in Kanazawa and as it sounds very good I want to share it with you, too!


Soy sauce 2 table spoons
Mirin 2 table spoons
grated onion 2 table spoons
juice from grated ginger 2 table spoons
grated apple 1 table spoon

Mix all these very well

Cur pork into a bite size and coat thinly with flour.
Sautee with salad/olive oil on hot frypan.
When the meat is cooked, pour the sauce. Lightly caramelized in the pan and serve.

It makes a good dinner as well as a tasty bento.


Sweet and savory sauce with ginger’s spiciness goes very well with rice. If you choose lean type of pork, it is a healthy meat side dish in your bento!

Bon Appetite!



Katsu Sando



このブログ記事『Katsu Sando』には日本語版『カツサンド』もあります。こちら
This blog post is also available in Japanese.

Yesterday I made a Katsu Sando bento. Do you know Katsu Sando? Katsu Sando is a sandwich, Tonkatsu – Japanese deep fried pork cutlet – is sandwiched between 2 white bread slices and it is a very popular food in Japan. Many people think the bread for Katsu Sando should be a white and soft and very fluffy type of toast bread and I really agree. It is this combination of soft bread, thick and sweet-salty Tonkatsu sauce and crisp deep-fried Tonkatsu that makes this sandwich so delicious. Ummm… it is so mouth watering as I am writing this but I do get a sudden craving sometimes to eat good Katsu Sando. In Norway people prefer coarse and healthier types of bread and I have to start from baking a fluffy Japanese type bread but it is worth it!


A Japanese fluffy milk bread, I will give you the recipe in November. 🍞

While I am cutting my bread, Tonkatsu is in the hot oil. You may not associate deep frying in hot oil with Japanese cooking, but we do deep fry quite a bit. Crisp coat and juicy meat or fish is very delicious together.


In Japan, shredded cabbage is served together with Tonkatsu. Japanese cabbage is much more tender and easier to eat raw compared with our cabbage here. I think our cabbage here in Europe is mainly for cooking, we do have summer cabbage which is tender and sweet but its season is over and I used lettuce instead. It was just an ordinary iceberg lettuce and I shredded it finely by a sharp knife.


I did not put any butter nor margarine on the bread. Just a big big pile of shredded lettuce. A big pile. When Tonkatsu is cooled, you can put it in a small bowl and pour Tonkatsu sauce over it.


I think Tonkatsu sauce is one of the best cooking invention in Japan. Do you agree? The photo above is showing just a little bit of Tonkatsu sauce but I used much more sauce to coat all the crisp batter of Tonkatsu. It is not so necessary to put so much salt on the pork meat before you deep fry as this sauce will give good seasoning to the meat.


Then put the Tonkatsu on the pile of lettuce, press it down a little bit so that it will sit better. Then add another pile of lettuce on top! Wow! It is so tall! Put the other bread on and press it down softly. Do not squash it. Softly. Softly. And take the sharpest knife you have and say your prayer before you cut it in half.


Looks yummy. 🙂

Put them in your bento box, add some more sauce if you like. As the sauce will be soaked into the bread, I think the bread should have a good thickness.  I added carrot and cucumber stick salad and some cherry tomatoes in the box.


Bon appetite! Have a nice Katsu Sando!

xxx Rie