Tatami Onigiri with grilled salmon


Hello! How are you? It is almost the end of September and here I am writing a blog post. I was away for awhile but I have been working on the appearance and the template of this blog, I hope you like this new look!  Now I have 2 side bars on the right.  I wanted to make it easy for everyone to find what they like to find on this blog and I hope the widgets on the side bars will be helpful for you. If you are reading this blog on your phone or on iPad, you may see the contents of the side bars and the widgets on the bottom or on top. I hope you can take a look at my blog on PC one day and see how things are arranged.  🙂
It is a nice sunny day over here in Oslo and I really had a relaxing Sunday yesterday starting with a good breakfast of tasty Tatami Onigiri. I wrote about Tatami Onigiri for the first time 2 years ago (you can read the post here) but today’s recipe is an updated one according to my new habit of eating less rice. I now eat 100-120g rice for a lunch. While the first recipe of Tatami Onigir from 2 years ago suggests 150g rice, I use now only 100g rice and mix with some grilled salmon to  make a tasty and filling Tatami Onigiri!

Ingredients :

Fresh Salmon  110g
Salt 1/2 tea spoon
Egg 1
Cooked rice   100g
Black and white sesame seeds  1 tea spoon each
Nori   1 sheet

1.  Cut salmon in thin slices and sprinkle salt.  Put them in a container and let it rest overnight in your fridge.
2. Heat a grill pan on high heat and heat the pan very hot. Turn the heat to medium high and grill the salmon. When they are almost all cooked through, turn the heat to high again and get them crisp and well grilled on the surface. You do this for only 30-40 seconds. Be careful not to burn. Turn off the heat.
Note from Rie : When fish is grilled this way, it is not so fishy. You see I am putting more fish than rice and it should not leave any fishy smell.
3. Take a new pan and make a fried egg.
4. When the salmon is cooled, flake them up. Mix with the rice. Add sesame seeds.
5. Put a sheet of nori on a cutting board, place 80% of salmon rice in the middle. Put your fried egg on top, add the rest of the salmon rice on top of it.
6. Bring all the four corners of the nori in the center and wrap it well.
7. Seal it well and put it in a plastic bag. Close the plastic bag tight and let it rest for 5 minutes.
Note from Rie : The damp air in the plastic bag will settle the nori on the rice ball. If you are making this for your bento, it may look so handy to bring it just in this bag but please take it out and put it in a bento box. I don’t think it is wise to keep it in the moist bag until your lunch time. The nori sheet and the whole Onigiri will be so wet….
8. Cut it in half and enjoy it!!

Here are the photos from the cooking process.




















Bon appetite!
xxx Rie



Seafood Spaghetti in bento



This week has been a full “cooking” week at home for me, I really feel I have been spending much time in my kitchen, which of course I do not mind at all, it is my most favorite place in the whole world!  I have a small book shelf for my cook books in my kitchen and I have one good book, it is called “Smak av Italia”, it means “Taste of Italy”, I have had this book for a long time and just love this book.  A large section of this book is designated to teach us about italian Pasta. There are so many variations of pasta but I think I like Spaghetti best.


Specially when it is precisely cooked al-dente and served with seafood in good virgin olive oil sauce, I will be quiet and please don’t disturb me.  Spaghetti alle vongole bianco is my favorite but today I made it with shrimp and scallops for my bento.

Seafood Spaghetti for bento  (1 bento) 

  • Dried spaghetti    90-100g
  • 3 frozen jumbo shrimps, thawed
  • 60g scallops
  • Fresh lemon balm leaves, minced    6
  • Salt, black pepper
  • Lemon    2 slices
  • Virgin olive oil     3 table spoons

1.  Clean the shrimps and scallops. Wash them well with salted cold water. Pat dry with kitchen paper and cut into small pieces.
2.  Cook spaghetti according to directions and drain.
3.  Heat a skillet and add olive oil. Sautee shrimps and scallops. Season with salt and pepper. When they are cooked, take them out on a plate.
4.  Add the pasta in the skillet and mix with the oil and the juice from shrimps and scallops.
5.  Take it into a bowl. Season with salt and pepper, add some lemon balm.
6.  Insert a small fork and twirl up nicely on the fork.


I used a small fork made for children (on the left) today but I also use a long one when I am using thicker pasta.  Then it is useful to use a small cup and twirl in it.


7.  Carefully place it in your bento box and sprinkle minced lemon balm leaves


8.  Place the sautéed shrimps and scallops, garnish more lemon balm leaves. Add small pieces of lemon to finish.


I uploaded a photo of this bento on my Facebook page this morning and got a nice comment.

Angeline wrote : I don’t like this bento, Rie….. I LOVEEEE it!!! It’s so beautiful with the succulent prawns, and how you twirled the spaghetti into little bundles, the lemon slices, the parsley, it’s so artistic and looks so delicious, I just wish I can reach my hand into the screen of my hp and take it out to eat. Serious, that’s really how I feel! And the raspberries on the greens looks so fresh! ♡♡♡
Can I know how you cooked the spaghetti? I always only do aglio olio or tomato sauce.

Thank you Angeline, so here it is and it is for you. I hope you could see how I cooked it and twirling was fun, fun, fun!
Maybe that is why I like Spaghetti?

Thank you!
xxx Rie



Do you like Norwegian Salmon?


You may never have traveled to Norway yet but maybe you have eaten fresh, delicious and world-famous good quality Norwegian salmon? It has really become a very attractive fish in many countries of the world and many of my readers in France, yes I know your country likes Norwegian salmon very much! To me it is not only a fish I buy at a supermarket to make a dinner for my family but also it is a nostalgic food which brings me many good memories. From 1986 to 1990 I worked in the Trade Department of the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo and one of the big projects I was engaged in was called “Project Japan” which was a pioneering project aiming at expanding export of Norwegian seafood from Norway to Japan. Now you can buy fresh Norwegian salmon in Japan very easily but back in 1986 it was not so commonly available. Many trade delegations from Norway visited us in Japan and those trips to the world’s largest fish market in Tokyo together with Norwegian fish exporters are my fond memories.

We who live in this clean and beautiful country in Scandinavia eat it very often, too. A very traditional Norwegian salmon dish is actually a very simple dish, we slowly porch salmon with a slice of lemon and dill and serve with boiled potato, melted butter and refreshing cucumber salad. Mmmm.. it is very good! But nowadays more and more Norwegian people eat salmon raw as Sashimi and Sushi just like Japanese people do. I often serve it to my guests at my dinner party and it seems people like the dish very much.

Norwegian Salmon Sashimi for Party
Norwegian Salmon Sashimi for Party

We almost always serve Sashimi together with these fine shredded white radish on the side. Very locally grown chives from my garden and ripe avocado go very well with the Salmon’s beautiful rose pink color and this bright and colorful presentation is really entertaining when you are serving it to your party guests.

Norwegian Salmon Sashimi – garnish tips
– shredded white radish called Daikon (available at Asian food stores)
– avocado, cut into small cubes and put some drops of lemon juice on
– salmon eggs
– lemon or lime slice
– fresh chives (gressløk in Norwegian)
– wasabi, if you like it hot

Easy Roll Sushi with Norwegian Salmon
Easy Hand Roll Sushi with Norwegian Salmon

Easy Hand Roll Sushi (4 people)
Sushi rice 2 cups, water 2 cups
Sushi vinegar   4 table spoons
Norwegian salmon  400g
Cucumber  1/2 – 1
Chives (gressløk)
Soy sauce, wasabi, white sesame seeds

– Wash sushi rice and cook it with water. Mix with Sushi vinegar while it is hot.
Cool it completely.
– Cut Norwegian salmon and cucumber into thin strips.
– Place a nori sheet (about 9cm x 9cm), put 3 table spoons of sushi rice on, add salmon and cucumber, sprinkle white sesame seeds and chives and wrap it! If you like it hot, dissolve some wasabi in soy sauce and dip.

Norwegian salmons are not only an excellent sashimi fish but also good to cook. Fresh salmons come in different sizes and a small package like this is very handy for my bento cooking and I almost always have one in my fridge.

Salma is the popular brand. It is super fresh, good for Sashimi
Salma is the popular brand. It is super fresh, good for Sashimi

Salmon Teriyaki on white rice is my favorite. The texture is so wonderfully tender and I think that is why both young children and elderly people like this fish. Today I made a festive bento with Salmon Teriyaki for my new boss who just arrived in Norway and we had a welcome party at the office and I served this bento for everyone.


Salmon Teriyaki (4 people) 
300g Norwegian salmon
Teriyaki Sauce (Japanese sake 2 table spoons. Mirin 1 and 1/3 table spoon, Soy sauce 1 and 1/3 table spoon, Sugar 1 tea spoon. Mirin is available at Asian food stores)

– Slice salmon into 5mm thick slices diagonally with a knife on a bias.


– Heat a frypan. Add 1/2 table spoon of salad oil.
– Fry salmon on both sides. It does not take any more than 3 minutes as they are thin slices.
– Mix the sauce in a cup. Pour into the frypan and cook. Turn the heat up.
– Try to coat the fish with the sauce. When the sauce is almost all evaporated, it is done.
– Serve as it is or on top of warm rice.


Bon Appetite!
xx Rie

This post is participating in the contest in Norway “Matstreif fyller 10år, lag et festmåltid med norsk lokalmat”