Hortensia Bento


So far I have made 5 bentos in the theme of flowers, most of the object have been wild flowers as I like them more than the perfect flowers from a flower shop. Soon I will make a separate album for these special bentos and today I wanted to show you how I made one. It is quite fun and also challenging to create a flower bento. It is a time-consuming project as well, but I really enjoy it! I hope these photos can transmit to you how I enjoy making a flower bento in my little kitchen in Norway…..

Today’s flower is Hortensia, a typical flower in the month of June in Japan, and it is my mother’s favorite flower.  As you know, Hortensia comes in different colors and I chose pastel pink for this bento.

Ingredients : Norwegian Fish Pudding (Minced white fish meat, milk, salt and flour in a casing and steamed), red plum vinegar, a red radish, red onion, color sugar for cake decoration.

First you cut out small flowers of the fish pudding. I made maybe 50 or 60 in total. Use a thick slice and cut out about 10 flowers.

Do you see one cut-out is relatively thick? You can slice it into 3-4 with a thin-bladed knife. Then you get 3-4 flowers right away.

Use the flat end of a bamboo stick and push it out from the cutter.
The other end of the stick is fine and pointing, but it pricks a hole and it is not so ideal. Use the flat end and push it out carefully.

I looked at the real Hortensia flower petals and saw they are not evenly pink. I decided to color them in 3 different tones using :
1) Red onion, red radish and water
2) Red onion, red radish and red plum vinegar
3) Pink color sugar for cake decoration
Leave them for about 30 minutes.

While I waited, I made three small onigiris. I used a mold.

Here I am putting petals on the rice ball.

They are fixed with pasta.

Here is my Hortensia bento!
When I ate it, I took the flowers off from the rice balls. It is safe to eat  them and the pasta, but it was more for decoration, I think.  Extra good okazu is necessary in a flower bento !

Thanks for following!

xxxx Rie


Making of Munch bento

April 25, 2013
This year we in Oslo are celebrating Munch Year. (Sikkert mine norske fans har merket det også!) It is 150th anniversary of this Norwegian artist’s birth. There is a huuuge poster at the Oslo airport and we see many Munch things all over and I thought why not a bento? 🙂 I hope you can come to Oslo one day. Have a happy day! xxxxx Rie

These following photos have been also put into a slide show on YouTube. 

Thank you!  

Making of "She who got the five – of Marzipan"


On the day of Epiphany, I made this figure of marzipan.  She is a little french girl, maybe 4 or 5 years old, she just got the little “five” in her piece of cake and just looked up to see her mother. Her eyes are telling “Mama, I got it!!”  🙂

Working with marzipan was fun, although it has so much sugar in it and my knife gets very sticky, but I think I love this kind of work. It is completely edible. the colors come from food as well. The pearls on the figure are cake decoration pearls made of sugar. Only the paper plate will be left on your plate if I serve this to you as it is a paper cup for bento which was made smaller to match the size with the figure.  The total height is about 7cm, so it is not so big.  It took about 60 minutes to make this.  Here are photos from the making process. Enjoy!!

From the preparation to the completion in photos.