I am writing a column in a Web magazine!


July 7, 2017



I have a happy news today, I am now writing a column about the life style in Norway in a Japanese publisher’s web magazine. It is the same publisher who published the bento book in March this year and I am so grateful for this opportunity.  This site is unfortunately only in Japanese but I will leave the link at the end of this blog post.  The site has just opened and it is full of useful and fun articles for us who does not stop asking “How can we make a better life?”   The articles are meant to be encouragement for busy people to enjoy daily house choirs and routines.  My first article has been just published and it is about the way we wash dishes in Norway.   The targeted readers are Japanese ladies and I am sure they will find the difference between the way they wash dishes in Japan and the Norwegian way.   There are two other columnists writing about their life outside Japan, one is writing from Paris and the other from New York.

Anyway, I am sorry the site is only in Japanese, but just wanted to announce this launch of the new communication platform and my outreach as a columnist.

今年3月に出版されました書籍『みんなのお弁当くらし日記』掲載に続きまして、先月オープンした翔泳社さんのWEBサイト『みんなの暮らし日記 ONLINE』にて海外の暮らしと家事について記事を書かせていただいております。
_φ(” ̄ー ̄” )

xxx Rie


A Cooking Class in the evening in Oslo, May 29, 2017







There will be another cooking class in Oslo on Monday May 29:

May Cooking Class 
“Bento 弁当 and useful Tare たれ”

The May Japan-Norway Society Cooking Class focusing on Bento and Tare will be taught in English. We will learn the art of cooking tasty Bento (Japanese style box) dishes and pack them into a box which can be ideal lunch for your work and school.
Tare means sauce, dipping sauce or marinade in Japanese. Having good Tare recipes at hand is very useful. You will learn several versatile Tare recipes during the class as well.



The deadline for signup has passed, it was last Monday, and I was informed that this class will be for a group of 5 people who love cooking. 🙂  It is a smaller group than last time, but I am looking forward to spending more time with each one of the participants and I hope everyone will enjoy the cooking evening with me. If you have missed this chance, I hope you will be able to come our next cooking class.  If you are living in Oslo, I recommend you to follow the Japan-Norway Society’s facebook group or their web site. They also send news by email.
Please check out here : http://www.j-ns.no    I may have a private cooking class on my own, then it will be announced on my Facebook page.

The class will start at 17:00 and the program looks like this :


17:00   Welcome and registration 

17:30   Cooking class starts  

            – Bento lecture part 

            – Tare recipe part 

            – Cooking part 

            – Bento packing part 

20:00   We will eat together  🙂  

            Something to drink and a dessert will be provided 

21:00   End of the class


I brought some gifts from Japan and like to have a little give-away during the class. It is something you use for cooking and making your bento 🙂

Looking forward to Monday May 29!!

xxx Rie

A cooking class in the evening on February 20, 2017




The next cooking class of the J-NS (Japan-Norway Society) is coming up, this time it will be an evening class at my house.


Here is the announcement and the menu for the class in February :


With popular request, J-NS will continue to organize Cooking Classes with leading Japanese food blogger resident in Oslo to learn the art of Japanese cooking using local ingredients.

The February Class will be taught by Ms. Rie Melhoos who has long had Bento and Food Blog-site with followers all over the world.

WHEN: 20 February (Mon) 2017 18:00 – 21:00 (Cooking demonstration, participation and savoring dinner together)
WHERE: A residence of Ms. Rie Melhoos in Jar. The way to her home will be shared once your reservation is confirmed.
WHAT: Please see the proposed recipe below.

FEE: 650 Kr for Members, 700 Kr for Non-members including dinner.
REGISTRATION: Please register at event@j-ns.no indicating your wish to participate in the cooking class. We only have limited space (8) and it would be on first-registered, first-reserved basis.




The proposed menu for the evening cooking class is:

1. Chicken Nanban with 3 different sauce (tartar sauce, Oroshi sauce and Japanese tomato salsa)
2. Kombu steamed Norwegian Skrei, with simmered vegetables, Kombu soya sauce and lime
3. Norwegian baby leaf with fried garlic, Japanese salad dressing
4. Japanese pickles, different Norwegian root vegetables

Rice and Miso soup, tea


This will be a dinner experience and the key point is to be able to make Japanese (seasonal) dish from ingredients which can be bought from local supermarket.

I hope you will be able to join us.

Thank you,