Oslo Restaurant Review – TinTin Sushi


TinTin Sushi in Lysaker Station

Opening hours :
Monday-Thursday: 11:00-21:30
Friday: 11:00-22:30
Saturday: 15:00-22:30
Sunday: 15:00-21:30
Tlf. 67 12 12 10


Sunday January 21, 2018

Today I started a group on Facebook to share information about Japanese food in Oslo area. I have been thinking about creating such a group for sometime and I am glad I moved one step forward and put the plan into an action today. In one day today more than 120 people joined and I really saw the popularity of the Japanese food amongst us here in Norway. Great!

We will be sharing information and experiences of food, restaurants in Oslo, recipes and all, I really hope we can create a good and informative place together. I am the volunteer moderator and  do not wish to be a dominant one by any means and aspect, my purpose is to share information with others.  I wanted to kick off with a review of a Japanese restaurant and I chose this sushi place in Lysaker. There was no special reason why I chose this restaurant, it was just near me and I wanted to eat Sushi today. I live in Bærum and work in Frogner in Oslo and many of my reviews will maybe written about restaurants in these areas but we have so many members living all over Oslo area or outside Oslo area, so it will be interesting.  I am very certain that the range of locations of reviewed restaurants will not be narrow.

TinTin Sushi today
I ordered “Ooki”
price was 230 kroner
11 Nigiri and 3 Maki (big maki pieces with salmon)


First of all, I was happy to see some special Nigiri in here, Ika (raw squid) and Amaebi (sweet shrimp)  are not so often found in regular Take away sushi in Oslo and they are my favorite!  Even a piece of Inari was in there too!  Look, it has a tiny and thin nori belt too! 🙂 wow, chef’s knife work was obvious in this box. Above Inari you see a white fish Nigiri with a green belt? That is a fine strip of Shiso leave!! When I opened this box, it smelled very good of Shiso. Ummm… Really it was a good treat and I really enjoyed!! The bite size was correct, the thickness of fish slices was good, the form was also correct. Sometimes at Sushi restaurants in Oslo I see gigantic sushi Nigiri pieces with so thick fish slices on top.  I can not help thinking maybe they have mixed up with Onigiri (Lol) or something?  In my opinion sushi rice (Shari in Japanese) should have clear sweet and sour taste but so many restaurants in Oslo have forgotten ? or do not know how to season Sushi rice. But this one from TinTin had a good and mild sweet and sour taste in the rice, so that was good.

If you are a bit tired of regular sushi take away that almost consists of salmon and salmon and salmon and 1 Tuna and a kind of white fish, try this one one day. You will really appreciate the upgraded variety of fish 🙂  At least I will go back and buy Sushi from this place again.

Thanks for reading!