Bento yesterday and today


Tuesday March 13, 2018


Yesterday we had a lunch meeting at my office and I made sandwiches for everybody. I baked a loaf of bread too, I have been baking bread regularly once a week.




Home baked bread is so fresh.
No additives, no preservatives are added to this bread.
I know the fact best as it was baked by myself!

I cut some slices, spread some hummus.


Then put some lettuce, a boiled egg, fried bacon strips,



red cabbage shreds and danish salami sausages. Colors, colors, colors….



It was such a fun meeting!!

Today I just made a bento for myself, I took a close-up snap shot of the Okazu part… It turned out to be a good shot, I liked it!!  Long winter is still here, but it is getting lighter in the morning!! I can enjoy natural light to take photos!! Yay!


Freshly roasted white sesame seeds and Japanese Siso Furikake on top of my rice. 🙂



My bento yesterday and today… and tomorrow.

xxx Rie



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