Attending a cooking class


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Attending a cooking class


I have a cooking class for 9 students tomorrow night and I sat a table today.

When I hold a 3-hour cooking class, it requires about 3 days to prepare everything for it. 1 day for planning and shopping, 1 day to prepare my house and the kitchen, 1 day to teach and washing up. It is a lot of work for a short class but I enjoy it as I know cooking classes are so fun.

When I attend a cooking class to learn something new, I am probably not the most quiet student. I come to the class a bit earlier to get a good place where I can see the teacher very well. I ask questions and I take notes. I want my cooking students to be actively participating in the class I give. I welcome questions and enjoy discussions. After all the sessions and the dining part is finished, I hope my cooking class will leave a good impression and people enjoyed the experience. If they think, “Oh, I had a lot of fun!” or “I like to come back again soon!” or “i would like to try to cook it again!”, I am very very happy and that is the best cooking class to me. The biggest difference between a good restaurant and a good cooking class is whether or not you have received enough learning process to recreate the same dish you have just eaten. So, I always try my best to give an informative cooking class. And I have a lot of fun doing it.


I hope you can attend my cooking class one day.

xxx Rie


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