World’s vegetables in season


February 14, 2017

It is Valentine’s Day today!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

February is a big birthday month in my family,  my husband and my father have the same birthday on February 4 and three days later it is our daughter’s birthday,  the day after that was my husband’s mother’s birthday and even our late dog had a birthday in February, I used to bake many many cakes in February.

It is supposed to be one of the coldest month of the year in Norway but it has been mild and not much snow to see on the ground. I know Norwegian people are really looking forward to snow and going skiing.  Really, people here are born with skis on their feet.

I spend my Valentine’s Day today by doing something I love. My husband had to go to a party today and I had more time for myself.  I visited a vegetable sommelier and had a wonderful opportunity to listen to his interesting stories about world’s vegetables.  I love cooking and eating vegetables but I love knowing and expanding my knowledge about vegetables very much.  There are so many things you can learn about vegetables from all over the world and they really fascinates me.

Colors, shapes, tastes, origins, histories, ideal soil, where do they grow?



Small purple egg plants from Laos.





Very pretty small round thing.
I am so glad I have good followers on my Facebook page, they live in many different parts of the world.  I uploaded these photos yesterday on my Facebook page and asked if they had ever eaten them before. Several people commented,  one of them said in Indonesia they eat it raw with some spicy chilli paste called Sambal.  I thought these egg plants are to be cooked, I never imagined they eat them raw like a snack vegetable.




Root vegetables are now in season.

From left,  Topinambours,  a purple carrot, a yellow beet.

I am going to use them at my next cooking class. It will be fun to cook them with a little Japanese twist.

xxx Rie


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