Publishing a bento book in Japan this year!





January 3, 2017

A Happy New Year!!

I hope 2016 was a good year for you and your loved ones and this new year 2017 will bring you many more happy days and yummy bentos 🙂   To me it was another busy year in 2016, brought many bento creations and took more than 8600 photos last year.  My beloved Nikon camera was screaming but she became much better after a major overhaul in 2016.


My blog project in Japan celebrated its 2nd anniversary in 2016 and I am very well integrated in the Japanese bento blogger’s world. Today I came into 2nd place in the bento bloggers’ ranking in Japan for the first time!  It has been taking a lot of time and work but I am glad I have come this far. I enjoy communicating with fellow bento bloggers and meeting new people who are as passionate about bento as myself.

A Japanese publishing company in Tokyo found my blog and I got an offer from them to publish a bento book. It will be published in Japan in March this year and I am very happy. It will be a collaboration book together with several Japanese bento bloggers who are super popular on Instagram and it is a very exciting special bento book. I will show you when the book is finished!! It will be only in Japanese (sorry!) but the publisher says it might be translated into Korean and Chinese later. I hope it will be also translated into English/French/German at one point in the near future.

Just sharing this good news with you today!!
A very happy new year to you.

PS  My Bento today was a sandwich bento 🙂
Let´s enjoy bento and cooking together in 2017!


xxx Rie


6 thoughts on “Publishing a bento book in Japan this year!

  1. Rie, that is thrilling news! It validates all of your hard work and dedication to the art of bento. I am so happy for you!

  2. Wow! That is amazing! Congratulations on this exciting adventure. You are a wonderful bento creator and I love seeing what you do. God continues to bless you and your work, Rie! So cool!

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