Tamagoyaki for bento


Wednesday September 7, 2016

I made a cooking movie of Tamagoyaki from this morning on my Facebook page, and I would like to upload the original photos here on my blog together with the recipe.

Ingredients :
2 eggs
1 tea spoon Mirin
1 tea spoon Soy Sauce
1 tea spoon sugar

Mix all very well.


1. Heat the pan and brush with oil. Pour 1/3 of the egg mixture into the pan.


2. Scramble it on the pan.


3. Roll it all up and set it aside on the pan.


4. Brush the pan with oil evenly and pour another 1/3 of the egg mixture.


5. Transfer the cooked egg roll on one end and roll it up. Add oil and pour the remaining egg mixture and roll it up.


6. I hope you have a nice Tamagoyaki!


7. As the scrambled egg has come in the center and it has folded air in between the layers, it is a soft and juicy Tamagoyaki!

Bon Appetite!
xxx Rie


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