Chipotle Burger Bento


The other day I had a chance to taste a special chili called Chipotle from Mexico and it was so tasty. I am not such a big fan of Tex-Mex food but this chili had a very complex flavor and I wondered why. Chipotle is rather a new and unknown product here in Norway where spicy hot spices have not been in their food culture so long. Later after I came home I googled and found out Chipotle is a kind of processed chili, it is smoked and dried, then I understood more the complexity and the intensity of the flavor.

Do you know Chipotle?


Recently I begin to see Chipotle here and there in grocery shops and supermarket stores. I found this Chipotle Majonnaise and did not hesitate to buy it. Generally I only use Japanese QP mayonnaise as I think Norwegian mayonnaise does not have any flavor. But this Chipotle mayonnaise has a kick of spicy chili and I like it.

Not only you can use it as dressing, you can mix with meat or fish and make burgers.


I made a beef hamburger with 100% lean beef ground meat and mixed in a little ketchup and chipotle mayonnaise. Salt, pepper, bread crumb, egg and milk was also added. The meat was lean but it came altogether very nice.


Very fresh lettuce! (^o^)



Tomato, onion and a fried egg on top!


Here is my Chipotle Hamburger Bento!

Bon appetite!
xxx Rie


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