As it has been an eventful week for my family and I and I have some photos to show you I am writing this post today. It is not about bento nor cooking but I hope you will enjoy!

Last Thursday my husband and I drove 500 km from Oslo to attend our daughter’s graduation ceremony at her University in a city called Trondheim.  We left Oslo at around 13:00 and when we arrived it was almost 22:00. It took longer as we did not choose a highway but the route we took was so scenery and photogenic!


This route goes along a big river and mountains,




On theway from Trondheim

On theway from Trondheim1

On theway from Trondheim2

We were very lucky with the weather and as we proceeded the scenery changed, we really enjoyed this trip. Norway is such a beautiful country and June and July are very nice.

If you ask a Norwegian “What is your favorite dish which your mother cooks for you?”, probably many people will say this is the dish. Norwegian meat patties Kjøttkaker and brown sauce, boiled potatoes and cream stewed cabbage.


When you go to a country side in Norway by car you can stop at these small inns and small restaurants. We ate this lunch on the way up to Trondheim and it was so good that we came back when going back to Oslo. The sauce!!! it was amazing!! And I fell in love with this homemade cream stewed cabbage. It tasted much better than in Oslo!!

The next day, Friday June 3, was the graduation day and we had a full program.

My daughter’s boy friend also has been studying in the same class and they both graduated last week. We were together with his family and it was a nice weekend together.


The dinner party was held after the graduation ceremony in a historical building in town, this used to be a bank but has been remodeled to be a party venue.



Her class is a small class but it is a Master course and they have been studying together for 5 years. From August 1 our daughter will start working for a IT company in Oslo, her boy friend also has got a job at another IT company.  His family and we are planning more celebrations for our children’s new phase of their lives and I am really looking forward to it!

The graduation party was very nice, there came a famous choir from Trondheim, nice speeches, a movie from their school trip to South East Asia, and of course good food was served!


Forest mushroom soup with halibut to start with…


Reindeer roast with red wine jyu, potato millefile,


A lemon tart, berry sauce and caramelized pistachio nuts for dessert.
It was prepared by good chefs and I was impressed by their cooking!!

5 years have passed so fast.

I was thinking about the day when she found out that she got in this school.

We were in Milan that day and I remember I took her to a nice restaurant in Milan to celebrate, we had some champaign to toast and ate very authentic Italian food.

Can’t believe my little daughter will be a working lady soon.

The life goes on-
and let’s embrace and celebrate it.

xxx Rie


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