A cooking class in Oslo in May!


Hi everyone!

Today is Monday April 25.  It is nearly the end of April but it is still cold here in Oslo. It even hailed yesterday! Ummm… where is SPRING??


I am sorry again for the long absence, I just realized my last post here was written in January…. Sorry! I should really be writing more blog posts in English, I will try harder!

I am doing ok, making a bento each day as usual. If you are following me on my Facebook page or Instagram, I am sure you see that too and hope you are enjoying it!

This is my favorite, from April 13. 🙂


Today I want to share a happy announcement of a new cooking event in Oslo. You maybe reading this post far far farrrrr away from this Norwegian capital city but this might be a start and you never know I may pop up in your city one day!

There is an organization called The Japan Norway Society in Norway, this organization is promoting friendly relations between Norway and Japan and it arranges meetings, lectures and fun events for its members and friends. The other day my husband, our daughter and I became a family member of this club and it has been very fun. There is a sister organization called The Norway Japan Society in Japan as well and my husband and I met at one of the parties they organized in Tokyo, so I have to say their events are VERY meaningful. If they had not arranged the event and I did not attend, I would probably not be here today.


I received a nice offer from The Japan Norway Society the other day to hold a Japanese cooking class in Oslo in May. I was very delighted!! The date is Monday May 30 and it will be held at one of the board members’ residence near a beautiful lake in Oslo. The duration will be about 3 hours, we will be cooking and eating and chatting, I am very much looking forward to this!!
This cooking class is open for both members and non-members. The more details and the menu (I hope you like this menu!) is now available at the Japan Norway Society’s website, so if you are interested please visit their site.

I hope to see you on May 30!

xxx Rie


One thought on “A cooking class in Oslo in May!

  1. What a pitty – I can’t come for a few hours from Switzerland to Norway – but perhaps you will come one day to Switzerland, and maybe even to the capital Bern. Never lose hope 🙂

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