Blueberry Lava Pound Cake


I was on the way home from work last Friday. It was a long week of work and I was looking forward to my weekend. Somehow a picture of a pound cake with lots of blueberries in it had stuck on my mind, it was almost fair to call it an obsession, and I went to a store and bought fresh blueberries.


If you are a baker, you may also know pound cakes are the most simple and the most complicated cake to make in winter.  The ingredients of a pound cake are not many but the room temperature in my kitchen in winter gets lower than 25 ℃ which is supposed to be the best climate temperature for baking this cake. In order to create a good climate and achieve the best result of emulsion, I have to make sure the butter and the eggs that will be mixed together are at the same temperature of about 23℃, otherwise they will separate with no exception.  I think this is the most tricky part of baking a pound cake.


However, as long as you understand and handle these two ingredients with a little knowledge of baking science, it will always work for you. The best method is that you take out the butter and the eggs of your fridge before you go to bed to enjoy baking next morning.


If you forgot, you will have to spend some patient hours and wait til they warm up. In Japan they use a hair dryer to warm up the metal bowl and bring the ingredient in the bowl to a higher temperature. Silly me who sometimes want to be inventive and make an instant cooking science lab professor tried out the effectiveness of an iron yesterday. Lol


But it ended in vain as my iron had a sensor that turn off the power automatically when it stayed still for a certain period of time. Instead I incubated the bowl with butter and watched TV. Lol

After you brought the butter to room temperature or at 23℃,  place it in a large bowl and add the whole sugar and whip til it becomes light white butter cream with a lot of air in it. (The quantity of each ingredient follows at the end of this post) Eggs are cracked and mixed VERY well with a fork, at room temperature or at 23℃.


Then put some drops of egg into the butter cream. I use a fork, even a spoon drops too much egg. It takes time and patience in this process but you will be awarded with a shiny well-cooperated batter soon!


When all the egg went in the batter, add the flour and mix. MIX BUT NO KNEAD!  Then add the blue berries.
Pour into your baking mold and bake in the oven 175℃ 50 minutes.

When the cake is baked and cooled, mix powder sugar and lemon juice and make icing.


Cut and serve with your favorite drink 🙂
The blueberries are runny and jelly like lava!


【Blueberry and Lemon Pound Cake】 20cm long mold

2 eggs (96g) 

Butter 96g
Sugar 76g
Flour 96g
Fresh blueberries 120g

Powder sugar
Lemon juice

If your baking mold is bigger, use 3 eggs. Weigh the eggs and use the same weight for butter and flour. Sugar will be -25g of the amount of the butter.
For example:  If 3 eggs are 150g, butter and flour will be 150g each, sugar will be 125g.


Take 2 eggs and butter out of your fridge before you go to bed.

Next morning cream butter with sugar in a big bowl. Do not use a small bowl as it will be more difficult to whip in much air in the butter. You need good space and room in the bowl.

Preheat your oven to 175℃
Grease your baking mold

Crack the eggs and mix very very well with a fork

Shift flour 3 times.

Add the egg into the mixture of butter and sugar drop by drop to avoid separation.

Add flour and mix. Add blueberries.

Put into a mold (20cm long) and bake for 50 min.

Make icing with powder sugar and lemon juice.
Spread the icing when the cake is baked and cooled.

Bon Appetite!


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