Happy New Year 2016


So belated but better than never, I send my New Year’s greeting to you! Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration with your family and friends, and I hope you enjoyed good food-both making and eating 🙂 – during the festive time of the year. I had a wonderful time with my family and friends here in Oslo. Our daughter came home from school and it was very nice to have her at home. If you are following me on my facebook page, you saw a LOT of photos from my dinner and lunch parties in December, I had unusually many parties this Christmas because we were away last year and did not host any party.


Christmas Table
Happy New Year – New Year’s Day

My project of integrating in the community of bento bloggers in Japan has been going very well.  In 2016 I will come to continue to actively participate in the Japanese food blogger’s community and like to advocate for the people who are living outside Japan but also share the love of making bento. There are about 32,000 cooking bloggers (it is huge!) in the community I belong and it is very fun to be a part of it. I really wish we had something similar to that in Norway or in Europe. To keep blog is something I have been enjoying since 2007 and it is very fun but sometimes it can be a lonely hobby. I think having a community or having a chance to feel good fellowship and that you can feel that you belong to a community is helpful to keep going and writing for a long time….

Today is January 11. My daughter went back to her University last night and my house is very quiet without her. It has been snowing a lot here in Oslo, her airplane was delayed by 2 hours and she arrived at her apartment with a big heavy suitcase with all her Christmas presents in it at 02:00 AM. Back to her school and back to her usual life, I hope we all have a nice year. Let’s start our new year with cheerful spirit and passion for cooking! and maybe knitting and sewing too! My new bento bag is finished today!



I have been already back to my bento, and I hope there will be many happy cooking days to come in 2016, and I wish you a nice happy year. I hope this blog will be something you enjoy in 2016. I really hope so.

Have a nice day!


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