Hangetsu Tamago – My cooking video on YouTube channel



About a week ago, I wrote on my Facebook page :
“Hi, This is called Hangetsu Tamago in Japanese, it literally means Halfmoon Egg. It is almost like an over medium fried egg  but we cut it in half for bento. Would you like to learn how to make this by a video? I like to see if some people will be interested in such tutorial video.”

Then, there came many good YES’s.

I like to keep my promise and today I made the video.
You can watch it on my YouTube channel :
–   Rie’s YouTube Channel 


I wanted to do an egg dish, as eggs are easy to buy in many countries and this dish does not require any special ingredients or long cooking time. If you are allergic or restricted from eating eggs, I am sorry, I will try to give you some other kinds of videos later.


As there will be some more videos coming later, please do subscribe the channel. Then you will get an email notification when a new video is uploaded. You will be one of the first one to watch!!

Have a good day!




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