Dear Paris


Earlier today I posted a post “Hello Singapore!” to ask for some help to solve one problem but now it has been solved and the post has been deleted. If you are subscribing and got an email notification about the post, sorry about that.


It has been a very sad day today after the horrifying attack in Paris. I was woken up by a beep beep sound from my iPhone at 04:20 am this morning, a friend of mine in Paris wanted to tell me she was all ok.  As I was still a half in dream land and did not understand what she meant, I went to a news site and learnt what had happened in Paris. I was shocked.


Today I have been thinking of Paris and its people, I have many friends through bento cooking in Paris, and I was thinking of them.  Oslo where I am living experienced a horrifying attack some years back and I still remember how I felt after that for weeks and months. My office was not so far from the place where the bomb was blasted and I still remember that sound. These things will leave a deep scar and you will be brought back to that day by some little reminders.


And I love Paris, I have been there many times and I always had a wonderful time there. When I think of all these innocent people who lost their lives and their family members, my heart breaks into pieces. Soon it is Christmas and your loved one is suddenly gone. It is beyond my ability to express the sorrow and the sadness…. I am so sorry Paris, I am weeping with you today.


Paris, I know you went through tough days in January this year.

And I do not understand why you have to go through this again.

Paris, you are beautiful, you are cultural, you are historical.
You are full of charms and you make me very happy.


Only thing I can do it to pray and cry with you but I am praying your safety will be back soon, your fearless daily lives will be gained again and we all can live in peaceful and safe Paris.

I will be praying.

xxx Rie


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