Whole Wheat Yoghurt Pancakes




I like pancakes but sometimes I need to stay away from white and thick American-type pancakes… as they are just too tempting. Dangerous, dangerous, I can eat a whole stack of them!  Everybody knows whole wheat flour is much healthier and better for us than white flour.  In Norway we are lucky to have so many kinds of flour and using dark and healthier type of flour is very popular, so why not? I got up a bit early on Saturday October 24 and started to experiment in my kitchen to make a little healthier recipe of pancakes and here it is.

I based on my own recipe of Fluffy Sour Cream Pancakes and changed some ingredients in order to make fit better with whole wheat flour.

* Whole Wheat Yoghurt Pancakes *
(serves 2;  double it to serve 4)

Eggs         2 (M size)
Sugar       2 table spoons

Milk   40cc
Sugarless Yoghurt  75g
Whole Wheat Flour      100 g
Baking powder    1/2 tea spoon

Spray cooking oil

1.   Mix milk and yoghurt together.

2.  Whip the eggs with sugar by an electric hand mixer.
Whip until the Ribbon Stage.


3.  Shift flour and baking powder together and mix in 2.

4.  Add the milk mixture into the batter. Mix well.

5.  Heat a frypan or a crêpe pan hot. Spray oil on the surface and take it off the heat.

7.  Using an ice-cream scooper drop pancake batter on the pan. 2 scoops for 1 pancake.


8.  Cook over medium-high heat first and take it down to medium heat. If your pan does not get heated back after you dropped pancake batter on it, increase to high heat a little bit and see if it get hotter. Be careful not to burn the surface so fast as it gets so hard and yet the inside is not cooked through.

9.  Flip when it is golden brown. I only flip once.


10. Serve with maple syrup, fresh fruits and melting butter on top.

Bon Appetite!




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