Triple Pan – my best friend in the morning


This blog post is also available in Japanese.



After the rain that was incessant, the Sun came out. All over sudden the tree’s yellow leaves were all turning into golden beauty. It was so pretty.


We turn the clocks back on Sunday and the winter time will start here in Norway. It is surely getting dark, the Sun does not come up until a little past 08:00 AM. When I get up in the morning, it is pitch dark, not so encouraging for me to get up and start working on my bento for the day….  my bed is so nice and warm. I have no hesitation to say my bed is the coziest place in the world right now! I look at the clock and oh well, it is time to get up.

I go to my kitchen and take my “best friend” fry pan out and say “Good morning. Time to work, dear!”  It is my Triple Cooking Pan. Such a great cookware!



Good to have some pre boiled potatoes in your fridge, even if it is a left-over from last night is just fine. I cut it up into 4 slices with the skin on and place them on the hot pan.  Then I crack 2 eggs and mix with Japanese savory stock DASHI, sugar, salt and soy sauce to make Dashimaki Tamago in the middle section. I have made criss-cross slits on mini sausages and I like to grill them crisp. I see potatoes need to be turn over and I do that quickly. After I rolled up the omelet I place thinly sliced red onion rings. In order to make more space, I transfer the omelet to a plate.  I grab salt and pepper shakers and put some seasonings on them. I know some smoked cheese is waiting on a cutting board on my counter and I will not forget to put them on the hot potatoes….  Cheese is getting soft from the heat. Just wait a minute or so, and my bento will be ready…


I really love this pan. What is so good about this pan is that you can cook differently seasoned food at the same time. Energy saving, he may add. Time saving, she may praise.



You may already have the same pan in your kitchen and are enjoying it as much as I am.

If not, I hope you can join us. It is a great cookware for bento makers.

xxx Rie

Triple Pan is available at Bento&co.




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