Fried Egg in Bento


This blog post is also available in Japanese.


I love a fried egg in my bento!

I like it since I was a little girl. I like Tamagoyaki too in my bento but I eat fried eggs more often at my breakfast both with bread or rice. My mom used to put a fried egg on curry rice, we had it on our Hambagu for dinner.  In Japan some people like to put soy sauce or Worcester sauce but I prefer just salt and pepper. What do you like to season your fried egg with?

Both my husband and my daughter also like a fried egg in their bento!



For a round bento box, I make a round fried egg!




In a square box, I put a square fried egg.




I love a soft half-cooked fried egg. I break the yolk and mix with the rice. Hmmmm…. yummy!




I made a fried egg in Japan, the yolk was very orange and the white was very silky.




Do you like fried eggs?

xxx Rie


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