Trip to Japan Spring 2015 Day 8 – A day in Kyoto


I am writing this post in Kanazawa on Tuesday March 31. It is the last day of March. It has been nearly 2 weeks since I came to Japan and my diary has not been updated as often as I wish it to be, I am sorry for the absence. I am doing fine and I hope you are too, a day passes by very quickly and I wish there were more than 24 hours a day. I visit my mother everyday and there are a lot of things to do but I am so happy that she is recovering very well and soon she will be released from the hospital. I am so happy. We both are looking forward to the full bloom of Sakura (cherry blossoms). Really at this time of the year everything, even the air is turned to be pretty in pink, people seem to be cheerful to welcome this beautiful time in this country. I was not so sure if I would be able to see Sakura before I was going back to Norway but thanks to the warmer weather than usual and that my return to Norway has now been postponed by 2 days until April 8, I think I will be able to enjoy Sakura with my mother very soon here in Kanazawa. Is there any better news than this? I came here for it after all….


Last Thursday I made a day trip to Kyoto to visit my wonderful friends at Bento&co. A train ride from Kanazawa to Kyoto takes 2 hours and 10 minutes. It is not a Shinkansen bullet train but it is as easy and smooth one. I arrived Kyoto early in the morning and my lunch appointment with Bento&co was not before 12:00 noon and it was a beautiful day in Kyoto. I thought myself, “why not a nice morning walk and enjoy this old city?” Things had been so hectic in Kanazawa and I kind of needed a quiet soul-talk time, and there is no other city in Japan than Kyoto that fits to serve the purpose. I bought a 1-day subway ticket and went to Higashiyama.


The destination was the Chionin Temple. I have been to Kyoto so many times but it was my first time to visit this great temple. There are 2 beautiful Japanese gardens and a walk around this temple is so heart-calming. I just walked and walked, chatting seemed to be needless, your own soul seemed to be the best company. The great front gate is quite something to see, it is often used as a movie location.


It was a quiet walk but I was so enriched and my heart got more power. Kyoto is a special place.


I arrived at Bento&co at noon and the shop was so bright and pretty. There were many customers, both Japanese and visitors from abroad, looking at the display. I could hear them say “so cute boxes!”, yes I agree with her, the shop was decorated so pretty and the display was boasting good products.

Lunch in Kyoto

We went to a french-style steak restaurant nearby and oh boy, it was so good! When you have a chance to visit Kyoto and if you like beef steak, I really recommend this restaurant.

I have been a fan of Bento&co for sometime and I want to continue to be supportive. They have become quite a popular company already and the business is expanding so well but I want to be there when they ever need some help….

kamo river

Kamo River that runs through Kyoto was very pretty. It was a short day trip to Kyoto but I was so glad that I could make it.

xxx Rie


5 thoughts on “Trip to Japan Spring 2015 Day 8 – A day in Kyoto

  1. Good news that your mom will be coming home soon, and that you have been there to help her through her illness; a time when she has needed you most. However, I am glad you have had time to rest, travel and confer with Bento folks. Wishing you a blessed Easter time!

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