Onigiri contest in May 2015



Japanese rice balls. They are also called Omusubi おむすび.
Cooked rice is seasoned with salt and pressed by hands into a round or triangle or oval shape. They usually have stuffing inside, many different kinds of fillings are available n Japan, UME is pickled plum, OKAKA is dried bonito flakes mixed with soy sauce and SHAKE is salted and grilled salmon.


2 years ago I was at Tokyo Station at a very early hour to catch a train to Akita.  In spite of the early time of the day many Onigiris were lining up and waiting for someone to pick them up at a bento shop. The variety of fillings was fantastic and it was almost impossible to decide, I wanted to try each every one of the fillings!

Expo Milano 2015 will open its door on May 1 in the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Japan will participate in the Expo and will exhibit many aspects of Japanese food and food culture from May 1 to October 31. I saw the Japanese pavilions schedule to check what kind of Japanese food had been chosen to be exhibited and I was so happy to see Onigiri was on the list. Our comfort food Onigiri rice ball will be exhibited to the world from May 21 to 23 in Milan, Italy. If you are living close to Milan, you have a good chance to experience food from the world.


To support this wonderful opportunity of internationalization of Onigiri, there will be an Onigiri contest in May.  The exhibitor of Onigiri in Milan, Onigiri Society in Tokyo, is kindly supporting this contest. I am so thankful for their cooperation. More detailed information will be coming here on my blog in the 2nd or 3rd week of April. It is open for everybody,  I hope you can consider and take part in the contest!!


xxx Rie




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