Trip to Japan Spring 2015 Day 1 – Demae Ramen



So, I made it to Japan. It is raining here in Kanazawa and I wonder if Oslo is warmer. The weather report says it will snow next week (!). That is a surprise, I left my winter coat in Oslo but maybe I was too carelessly optimistic.

When I arrived my father was waiting for me at home. We were originally planning to meet in town and have a lunch together but I changed it when I heard my father had a cold last week. And you never know what will happen with  flights and weather, actually I was very surprised at the Oslo airport by the news that the pilots in Lufthansa went into a strike. Gosh, for a moment I was not very confident if I could proceed my trip home. Fortunately they had saved my flight to Tokyo from canceling but the flight from Oslo to Munich was completely fully boarded with the passengers who were rebooked due to the canceled flights.

My father looked very well. After his surgery in November last year he is taking care of himself and his doctors are treating him well. I am very thankful for that. We had a lot to catch up, my father is a talkative person and his mind is very clear. We had to talk, talk, talk….

We didn’t forget my mother. We called her and said hello. She was having a better day today, too. She asked us if we were hungry. When she asked me this question, I realized I was indeed hungry. It was still raining outside and I asked my mom if I should go out to buy some food but she said “Call and get Ramen delivered.”

Yes I almost forgot about that. It is Japan, a country of super service, you can call a ramen shop in the neighborhood and they will deliver to your door. Actually within 20 minutes.


Our lunch was delivered at our door precisely after 20 minutes and they did not charge any delivery fee. I don’t think it will happen in Norway.  Your order comes in a metal box with wooden shelves built in,  “Okamochi” is the name of the box and food delivery is called “Demae”.  Maybe you have seen a package of instant noodle “Demae Iccho (it means delivery of 1 order)”. The man from the ramen shop in the neighborhood was not wearing a blue happi coat like the boy on the package of Demae Iccho does but he was wearing a smile on his face. His motorbike was parked outside and his white helmet was wet in the rain.


Ramen was tightly covered by a thicker type of plastic wrap but as soon as you open the metal sliding lid of Okamochi the savory smell will fill the room. My father opened his wrap first and he said “It looks good!” and I said “Yeah! Let’s eat!”. We ate, slurped and chatted. We had a good lunch.



After you ate your order, you can just rinse the bowls and plates and put them back in Okamochi. Place it  outside your door and they will come pick it up. The blue box next to it is the milk delivery box, they also come very faithfully and punctually. The delivery man of the Ramen shop said to me he would come tomorrow to pick it up because of the rain but 2 hours later he was back, it was already picked up.

Japanese  super service and yummy food.  What else can we call it?

xxx Rie


3 thoughts on “Trip to Japan Spring 2015 Day 1 – Demae Ramen

  1. Wonderful report! Your words transported me into your world for a little while… Thank you for taking us along with you.

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