Going to Japan



Ohayo! It is Monday March 16 at 08:17 AM. Usually at this time of the day on a weekday I am making a bento. Today I took a break to get other things done before I leave for Japan. The day after tomorrow I will be again flying to Japan to visit my family, unfortunately my mother is back in the hospital. Unfortunately.

It will be a 3-week trip this time and there are several things for me to do when I come. There are paper works, insurance meetings and so on. It will not be a sight seeing tour, our dear cherry blossoms are reportedly expected to bloom later than the end of my trip, but it will be good anyway to be close to my family 🙂

I will meet again the nutrition dietitian at the hospital. This time I will actually cook the food in Japan according to her guidance and with Japanese ingredients and make bento in my mother’s kitchen. My travel diary will be coming again, and I hope you can read what and how I am doing in Japan.

xxxx Rie


13 thoughts on “Going to Japan

  1. Hi Rie-san,
    I send you all my best wishes of recovering health to your mother.
    I can imagine easily how difficult these moments are 😦
    Friendly yours for French Guiana,

  2. Dear Rie,

    Best wishes for your Mom’s recovery and your flight to Japan. Come back safely with a joyful and peaceful heart. 🙂

    Looking forward to your bentos and travel diary from Japan. Since you will be making bentos, would you mind addressing this question if and when you get a chance? How do you cool down your onigiris for packing in your bentos? Specifically, how do you keep the surface area from drying out as the onigiris cool?

    Enjoy cooking and making bentos for your Mom. Your presence and positiveness will no doubt help her very much.

    1. Thank you Latha. I am so happy to have so many good-hearted kind followers like you. Thank you!

      Thanks for your question, I love receiving questions about bento making. When you make onigiri, you apply water on your palms and it will cool down the rice first. After you formed it you can wrap with a plastic wrap, it will stay moist this way. I live in Norway and the air is dry. Rice gets hard if I leave them unwrapped. Maybe your climate is a dry one too. If you like nori (seaweed) it will also help keep it moist.

      1. Thank you for your tips, Rie. I appreciate them very much. I haven’t been wrapping the onigiri with plastic wrap right away thinking that it might form condensation and spoil the rice quickly with the trapped heat. But now that I know that you keep them wrapped until packing time, I will try it too. Thanks again!

        I am happy to read that your Mom is getting better day by day. Enjoy the rest of your trip. 🙂

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