Chicken Tender and Vegetable Roll



Here is a good chicken dish for both bento and dinner using chicken tenderloin.  In Japan or USA I can buy beautiful chicken tenderloin very reasonable, in Norway chicken are rather expensive.  I wish the price would go down more as it is a healthy kind of meat of high-protain and low fat and I really like its white meat and the mild taste.  You may have seen a white ligament called tendon attached to chicken tenderloin.  It is a ligament attaching the tenderloin to the breast. In some countries (like Japan) butchers remove the tendon for you but here in Norway I have to do it myself.

Removing tendon from chicken tenderloin is a simple task but needs practice a couple of times. Since it is fixed in the tenderloin meat itself you may end up cutting away a lot of meat with it. A piece of chicken tenderloin is not a big part. It weighs about only 40-45g each and you need to avoid taking away good chicken meat with the tendon.


Place tenderloin on a cutting board with the fat end close to your left hand (If you are a left handed and holding a knife with your left hand, place the fat end close to your right hand).  You see a white tendon is sticking out and please grab it. Take your sharp knife and slide it between the tendon and the meat (see the photo above) and you can pull the tendon firmly toward you as you slide the knife along the tendon.  Tendon gets thinner toward the end of the tenderloin. If you could not take out the whole tendon, that is ok, it’s not harmful.   After you removed tendon, make a slit lengthwise to butterfly and make a flat piece.

S4DSC_6519  S4DSC_6521


Norwegian chicken tenderloin are rather small and I used 3 tenderloin to make 1 roll. If you get larger chicken tenderloin you can maybe use only 2.  Place tenderloin on a cutting board and sprinkle some salt and pepper.

Boil some carrot and green onion lightly in salt water and cool.
Place them on the chicken. I sometimes use cheese too.


and you can roll up from the end closest to you.


Salt and pepper again and place them in your fridge for 15 minutes.  (This is to settle the rolls before frying)


Coat with flour, egg and panko.
Heat some olive oil in a pan and fry until golden brown.
Take them on a kitchen paper to drain.
Cut in 3 and serve with some fresh salad.
Bon Appetite!

xxx Rie


4 thoughts on “Chicken Tender and Vegetable Roll

  1. Hi 🙂 I was just wondering what chicken tenderloin is called Norwegian? Thanks for a beautiful website! As a Japanese in Norway, it has very useful information!

    1. Hi, thank you very much for your question.
      It is called Kylling indrefillet or indrefillet av kylling. I see Prior sells a package of tenderloin (yellow package) time to time. When you have a chance to go to Sweden, they have a blue package and it is much cheaper than Norway. But dont buy frozen ones, buy fresh ones please. I hope this will be helpful! Thank you for reading my blog!!

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