Fluffy Sour Cream Pancakes


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My daughter is going to Hawaii next month (*゚∀゚*) and I am helping her to look for good places to eat in Waikiki.  This is her first time to experience Hawaii, I have been there 2 times.  Oh, it is so nice there and I have only good memories. When you go so far away (just imagine the distance from Norway to Hawaii… it is almost 1/2 around the earth!) you should really enjoy and have to have a good time!  My daughter said she wants to eat very typical food in Hawaii, sometimes these restaurants serving very local food are not in the tourist area but I hope she will have a chance. Talking about Hawaii, now the pancakes from Hawaii are so popular in Japan, many pancake houses are establishing their branch restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka and getting very popular among Japanese young girls who don’t mind waiting for 2 hours for a pancake! I sent a photo of typical hawaiian pancakes from a local pancake house to my daughter, she replied in a second “I have to go there!”  Yes good pancakes will guarantee the good start of the day! Eat well, drink well and have a great time in Hawaii! After looking at soooo yummy pancake pictures, I wanted to eat them, too 🙂  I have a good but easy recipe. It takes time to whip egg whites but it is worth doing it. Many fluffy pancake recipes use ricotta cheese but I prefer sour cream because it seems to me it mixes easier with milk and the pancakes rise more.


* Fluffy Sour Cream Pancakes *
(serves 2;  double it to serve 4)

Eggs         2 (M size)
Sugar       1.5 table spoons
Cream of tartar (if you have it) 1/4 tea spoon
Milk   70g
Sour cream  110g

Flour      65 g
Baking powder    1/2 tea spoon

Spray cooking oil

1.   Separate eggs. Cold eggs separate more easily.

2.  Mix egg yolks,  milk and sour cream in a bowl well.

3.  Shift flour and baking powder together and mix in 2.

4.  Put egg whites and cream of tartar (if you have it) in a bowl. Whip it together with an electric hand mixer. Add the sugar at the very end when you can see the egg whites have soft peaks.

5.  Mix carefully the egg whites into the batter (3).

6.  Heat a frypan or a crêpe pan hot. Spray oil on the surface and take it off the heat.

7.  Using an ice-cream scooper drop pancake batter on the pan. 2 scoops for 1 pancake.

8.  Cook over medium-high heat first and take it down to medium heat. If your pan does not get heated back after you dropped pancake batter on it, increase to high heat a little bit and see if it get hotter. Be careful not to burn the surface so fast as it gets so hard and yet the inside is not cooked through.

9.  Flip when it is golden brown. I only flip once.

10. Serve with maple syrup, fresh fruits and melting butter on top. Bon Appetite!


1 tips :  I really recommend to use a spray cooking oil when you make pancakes. You can use butter but I think the fist pancake always gets so greasy as it absorbs more butter and the color of the pancake tends to be more dark brown.

xxx Rie


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