Seafood Spaghetti in bento



This week has been a full “cooking” week at home for me, I really feel I have been spending much time in my kitchen, which of course I do not mind at all, it is my most favorite place in the whole world!  I have a small book shelf for my cook books in my kitchen and I have one good book, it is called “Smak av Italia”, it means “Taste of Italy”, I have had this book for a long time and just love this book.  A large section of this book is designated to teach us about italian Pasta. There are so many variations of pasta but I think I like Spaghetti best.


Specially when it is precisely cooked al-dente and served with seafood in good virgin olive oil sauce, I will be quiet and please don’t disturb me.  Spaghetti alle vongole bianco is my favorite but today I made it with shrimp and scallops for my bento.

Seafood Spaghetti for bento  (1 bento) 

  • Dried spaghetti    90-100g
  • 3 frozen jumbo shrimps, thawed
  • 60g scallops
  • Fresh lemon balm leaves, minced    6
  • Salt, black pepper
  • Lemon    2 slices
  • Virgin olive oil     3 table spoons

1.  Clean the shrimps and scallops. Wash them well with salted cold water. Pat dry with kitchen paper and cut into small pieces.
2.  Cook spaghetti according to directions and drain.
3.  Heat a skillet and add olive oil. Sautee shrimps and scallops. Season with salt and pepper. When they are cooked, take them out on a plate.
4.  Add the pasta in the skillet and mix with the oil and the juice from shrimps and scallops.
5.  Take it into a bowl. Season with salt and pepper, add some lemon balm.
6.  Insert a small fork and twirl up nicely on the fork.


I used a small fork made for children (on the left) today but I also use a long one when I am using thicker pasta.  Then it is useful to use a small cup and twirl in it.


7.  Carefully place it in your bento box and sprinkle minced lemon balm leaves


8.  Place the sautéed shrimps and scallops, garnish more lemon balm leaves. Add small pieces of lemon to finish.


I uploaded a photo of this bento on my Facebook page this morning and got a nice comment.

Angeline wrote : I don’t like this bento, Rie….. I LOVEEEE it!!! It’s so beautiful with the succulent prawns, and how you twirled the spaghetti into little bundles, the lemon slices, the parsley, it’s so artistic and looks so delicious, I just wish I can reach my hand into the screen of my hp and take it out to eat. Serious, that’s really how I feel! And the raspberries on the greens looks so fresh! ♡♡♡
Can I know how you cooked the spaghetti? I always only do aglio olio or tomato sauce.

Thank you Angeline, so here it is and it is for you. I hope you could see how I cooked it and twirling was fun, fun, fun!
Maybe that is why I like Spaghetti?

Thank you!
xxx Rie




4 thoughts on “Seafood Spaghetti in bento

  1. It is so nice to see the process of assembling the bento. Thanks Rie! Unfortunately for me, I don’t eat seafood so I can’t make your recipe.

    I love all your bentos. I read your posts on facebook but I don’t have an account so I am unable to comment. I appreciate you sharing them.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Latha. I am glad you enjoyed going though the assembly here on this post. If you don’t eat seafood, you can just use fresh basil and tomato or something? I like simple olive-oil based veggie spaghetti too. Tomato is really nice.
      Thank you for your kind feedback about my bento, I am glad to know there is someone like you out there enjoying my bentos even though I do not see your name or comment on each every post. That is ok, I am just happy to know there is someone out there enjoying. So thanks for your voice. xx Rie

  2. Thank you for the suggestions, Rie! I’ve been thinking about using your recipe guideline to make spaghetti with spinach and sliced mushrooms. I sometimes make a salad of baby spinach, mushrooms, and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano with a lemon vinaigrette. I had the idea after seeing your bento that I could use the same ingredients with spaghetti. 🙂

    I’ve learned so much about packing lunch for my two little boys from seeing your bentos. I feel very thankful towards you every morning. Keep up your good work and please don’t stop sharing. 🙂

    1. You are very welcome, Latha. Thanks for your comment! Your twist of spaghetti with spinach and mushrooms sounds good and I like fresh baby spinach, mushrooms and parmigiano in salad too! Yummy!
      I am happy to hear your comment and I feel rewarded to know someone is making use of what I write or do everyday. Thanks for your feedback, it makes me going. Thank you so much.

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