Recipes and thoughts

No. 154

As you may see my new blog site is changing, today I made different sub menus under several pages. If you are reading this on your cell phone or a tablet, you may see these menus in a different way. If you have a chance to look at my front page on a PC, it will be maybe clearer as you will be able to see them in different colors on the navigation bar.

Anyway, it will take some time but I am now working on MANY new recipes to upload on this blog. I have been working on them for awhile and have been looking forward to doing this. Internet is great, my recipes can be read in many different countries and I think it is super wonderful.

Recipes will be divided in different categories, mainly by ingredients, and there is a page for my thoughts on bento, bento boxes and healthy diet. There will be more themes to come but I think I have enough to work on for a time being. If you have any comment or suggestion, I appreciate it very much! Thank you!

Today it was like a spring day in Oslo. Birds were singing and Sun was shining. I was walking home and it was a lovery day. Spring is near, I am looking forward to a nice warm Spring soon!

xxxx Rie


3 thoughts on “Recipes and thoughts

  1. It looks really good! I’m tempted to overhaul my site as well, now. 😛

    A helpful aside, in your first sentence you forgot to capitalize “I”. It’s pretty easy to miss typos, figured I’d let you know so you can fix it. 😉

    1. Thank you Grace, you are a commentator i… oops, I trust 🙂 Thank you. Yes overhauling is good, it is a work but you get renewed and inspired again!! and if you are self hosting I am sure you can do a lot better and more!
      Thanks for catching my mistake, I will correct it right now! Have a wonderful day! xx Rie

      1. No problem! And when I hit 1,000 followers I will get self-hosted. Gotta keep goals in mind; if I can hit 1,000 on a free WP site, maybe I can grow bigger on my own, but for now I’m not ready to take off the training wheels. 😛

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