Cooking, bento and health part 2

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This post is following my previous post Cooking, bento and health part 1. 

The necessary calories a day for me was found to be about 1500 kcal in the previous post. I hope you also let Mayo Clinic’s calculator find it out for you. How many calories do you need a day? You may need more than I need because of your younger age or you are more actively working out during the day. Here I repeat again how I divided my daily calories :

Breakfast  200 kcal
Lunch       700 kcal
Dinner      600 kcal
Total        1500 kcal



I made a rule for my breakfast in order to simplify the routine. It is mainly because I want to save time, I am busy in the morning to make a bento, take photos and upload on Facebook in addition to getting ready to go to work.  And I believe starting a simple routine will help me get used to. I do not expect high result in this starting phase, let’s take it easy! My rule is :
From monday to friday I eat a bowl of cereal with some fruits and on weekends I will treat myself something more tasty. I will cut out butter completely during the weekdays but probably will allow myself a piece of toast or a pancake with a small amount of butter on top on Sunday.

The cereal my husband has been eating for many many years is from Kellogg’s, it is called “All-Bran plus”. This cereal is very rich in fiber and always wins the dietitian’s test of cereals. Although I am so glad my husband is happy with it, I need something else that tastes better…. When I go to USA I am always thrilled to try different kinds of cereals. My favorite brand is Nature’s Path and I really like their “Flax Plus Multibran Flakes”. I really wish they could sell their products in Europe. But since it is not available, I went back to the dietitian’s test on cereals (sorry it is in Norwegian but you can compare the fibre %)  and I chose “Multi Grain Cheerios” as it has good fiber content and I like Cheerios! I take 30g of it in a small bowl and pour 125g low fat milk. Yesterday I ate banana with it but you can choose any other fresh fruits. 🙂

Multi Grain Cheerios   30g
Low fat milk   125 cc
Banana 24g (about 6 slices)
Total        200 kcal


Cereal and fruits in the morning
Cereal and fruits in the morning

Fruits for your breakfast : 
A skinned large whole banana is about 100 kcal.
Medium sized 5 strawberries are about 25 kcal.
A skinned small whole kiwi is about 50 kcal.
Fresh pineapple 100g is about 50 kcal.

If you need to add some sweetness, I think honey will be better than white sugar. Honey has its color and the texture is stickier and dense. You see it right on the cereal and I think it has more visual effect on your appetite than white sugar dissolving right away in white milk. The comparison of caloric content of these two sweet stuff does show the difference:

honey 22 kcal vs sugar 16 kcal per tea spoon

but people tend to use less honey as it tastes sweeter. If you don’t care for cereals and prefer a toast or other kind of bread, here they are :

1 piece of toast (66g)     174 kcal
Butter 10g                         75 kcal
Strawberry jam (low sugar) 20g   39 kcal
Peanuts butter 10g           64 kcal

1 Croissant          226 kcal
1 Chocolate Croissant     293 kcal

You see they are much higher in calories. My french readers may object about croissant… sorry. I have made croissant myself from scratch and I know how much butter goes in there. There is not much fiber nor vitamins in croissant, it is consisted of fat by 49%. A piece of toast with butter will already be 249 kcal. If you add a glass of milk or juice and fruits, it will be much more than 200 kcal I need. But I think you can eat it, both buttery croissant and a buttery toast if you can keep one condition: Work out and stay physically active.  For example, 25 minutes of swimming will burn 200 kcal.

1 chocolaté croissant + a glass of low fat milk + 1 banana = 1 hour swimming.

I will continue to part 3 to talk about Lunch.

Thanks for reading.

xxxx Rie


2 thoughts on “Cooking, bento and health part 2

  1. I noticed that muesli with dried fruits, and dark dense breads are very popular in Scandinavia…I know the dark breads are better than the fluffy white breads, but I haven’t gotten used to them yet, haha!

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