Trip to Japan 2014 Day 8 Last diary from Japan

My home town, Kanazawa


Day 8 – Last diary from Japan

The temple bell was just ringing and it is November 30 and I am going home today.

I just want to say thank you for following my diary this week. It is up to the author what and how much information one wants to share with others on internet and some people may have felt it was of too personal content, but I can’t write more than what I am nor less than how I am. I apologize if you were waiting for more appropriate posts about bento and cooking and I do hope you will find them here next week.

I went to the hospital and said goodbye to my parents. My father is recovering slowly, he was sitting up a little bit yesterday but it sure will take a long time until the wound is healed. My mom will be operated on December 10 and a part of my heart will be left here in Kanazawa for her. Thank you all for your prayer for my parents. You all have been great support to us and thanks for lifting our spirit up. Most of us have never met each other and it may be funny to seek such comfort and solace in strangers, but I am so grateful for your kind thoughts.

After my father's operation was done successfully I enjoyed a nice dinner with my sister in Kanazawa
After my father’s operation was done successfully I enjoyed a nice dinner with my sister in Kanazawa

I hope you enjoyed my photos of yummy Japanese food this week Kanazawa is a special place as far as Japanese food is concerned and I hope you will get a chance to visit my hometown one day. The photo was taken 2 days ago on the bridge over Sai river near my house. It may resemble Kamo river in Kyoto?

I could not visit so many people this time, I felt more right to stay in Kanazawa for my parents. It was also wonderful to spend time with my sister, we needed each other to go through this.

As my taxi will be coming soon I will close this post. When I write here again, I will be back in Norway. It will be a busy month of December, we will be leaving again for USA to spend Christmas with our daughter. My thought and plans for healthy cooking and bento are progressing, I will write them down on a sheet of paper when I get home. Your input is also appreciated, I will think about the best way of working together.

Anyway, thank you so much for your faithful following and support. This is my last diary from Japan.

xxx Rie



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