Trip to Japan 2014 Day 6


Day 6 – November 28, 2014

It is Friday today, time passes fast and I will be going back to Norway in 2 days. I am so certain it will be very difficult to leave japan as my airplane is lifting up its wings on Sunday, we were told my mother would be also operated in December. The meeting with my mother’s doctor was a long one because her illness had its history. I love my mother so much, she is a very good person who does anything for others, and I was so sorry she had to be sick.

We got a permission to see the father a little bit in the intensive care unit. He was still pretty seduced and I could not make any conversation but he was in the most reliable hands. We met the doctor too and we were taken to a room and he showed us a couple of photos of the evil tumor he cut out from the father’s body. From its size and it’s location, the doctor said he probably would not operate a similar kind of surgery on another 84 year old man but he said my father’s wish to get well was so strong and that moved him. I will tell that my father when he wakes up.

So many things have been going on, I am getting much impact and blows, but this must have a meaning. As I wrote earlier, I am thinking of making my page more of a healthy cooking and bento theme. Both of my parents health issues are clearly connected with eating habit. Our body is so perfectly designed and we have a limited life span, but it is us who have to take good care and charge of it.

It is 07:45 in the morning now and my sister and I are going back to the hospital in the afternoon. We are planning to use our free time to relax a little bit. I like to do some shopping with her as she has a birthday soon, I like to celebrate it with her while my feet are on the Japanese ground.

xxx Rie


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