Trip to Japan 2014 Day 4


Day 4 – November 26, 2014

My sister came to Kanazawa safely, we 4 of us gathered together and I feel like the Jigsaw puzzle is complete and it is showing the whole picture. My father’s doctor called us for a meeting at 17:00 to explain his plan to save my father and I was nervous, actually very nervous that my stomach was upset at the start of the meeting. But as the discussion went on, everything became so calm. Although we were talking about very serious matter the presentation the doctor had prepared for us was so easy to understand and persuading. The newest technology impressed us with amazing 3D images of the body part of concern, we were all gazing at the unwanted growing cells in my father’s body on the screen and I was looking at the doctor’s eyes.

As I am writing this now right before I have to go out, I will add the rest of my diary for Day 4 onto my next diary. It is 07:00 here now, my sister and I are up early to go to the hospital and see our father off to the operation room soon. We were told it will take about 10 hours, a long day is waiting, and while the father will be operated we the rest of us are called to another meeting, this time with the mother’s doctor. My stomach will be wrenching again, but good to have my sister on my side.

xxx Rie


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