Trip to Japan 2014 Day 3


Day 3 – November 25, 2014

It has been 3 days since I was thrown into Japan Standard Time (GMT plus 9 hours now) and I am slowly but surely getting used to. I got a little longer sleep this morning until 06:00 when a buddhist temple nearby strikes a large temple bell and I hear it in the distance and yet it is very clear. It is kind of nice and peaceful start of the day. As Kanazawa was not attacked during World War II there are so many old buildings kept well in this city, the most well known place in Kanazawa is a park called Kenrokuen. ( It is one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan and today I had a really nice walk through the park and enjoyed its absolute scenic beauty for a while.

in Kentokuen Park colors were dancing
in Kentokuen Park colors were dancing

This park is a huge park and is located just vis a vis the Castle of Kanazawa. They both sit in the very center of the whole city and it is one of my most favorite places in this world. The Castle and the Park are co joined by a stone bridge and there is a small bus stop under it. I used to take a bus from there when I was a jr. high school student. The Castle got a major restoration not so long ago and it is now looking much better than before and I love this Castle very fondly.

The Castle of Kanazawa
The Castle of Kanazawa

When you come to Kanazawa, you can’t miss this sight. Please take some time and follow one of the recommended walking courses. I am sure it will be one of the most memorable walk you ever had. Even people like us who grew up and live in Kanazawa love to come and walk through the park, and when you come here you will see why we love this park so much and I hope you will see the charm.

But this walk was not really purely for pleasure, it was maybe more of my necessity. I just had to take some time out and walk and think at the same time. Also the fact the walking course I took was an excellent short cut to where I was heading to. I wrote in the last post I would tell you where I went and it is the hospital where both my parents are in right now.

Sometimes life takes a sudden turn and you will be frightened.
Living far away from your family, even though it is your own decision you made for your life, makes things hard sometimes. This trip is a short trip but I had to come to visit them, you have only 2 parents and when both of them are hospitalized, do you have a choice?  I quickly decided and purchased the air ticket and here I am writing my Diary 3. At the same time I am so grateful for my kind husband, my boss at work and my friends who are with me in prayer.

Tomorrow will be my Day 4 and I will be joined by my sister who is also living far away from home. We are going to have a conference with the father’s doctor in the evening and will hear the plans for the operation. Yesterday I had a foretaste alone and heard a little bit about the procedure planned on the day after tomorrow and I got chill on my spine. I am so proud of my father who is so courageous and willing to endure to get well again, and I am sure my sister will feel so too.

I will go to bed now and close this post. I have to get up early to prepare for the day. Maybe I will beat the temple bell tomorrow morning? No I want to rise up together with the sacred sound. It will be nice to see my sister.

xxx sleepy Rie


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