Trip to Japan 2014 Day 2


Day 2 – November 24, 2014

I managed to grab 3-hour sleep and it was impossible to stay in bed any longer. I got up and threw a thick slice of Japanese fluffy bread into the toaster and fixed a salad for my breakfast. I turned on the TV and heard there was another earthquake again. 3 days ago there was a big one in Nagano prefecture and it looks like it is still shaking. Trains were stopped for 4 hours and I did a little prayer for my sister in Tokyo as she would be traveling by train the day after tomorrow to come here.

The weather over here now is much warmer than Oslo during the day, but when the Sun goes down the temperature drops rapidly and I start to miss my well-insulated home and the central heating in Norway. The most common way of heating in ordinary homes in Japan is localized heating and the room you are in may be as warm as Hawaii but the next room can be very cold. As I live in a cold country heating seems to me a very basic and attributing element to comfort at home, and I wonder why and how much longer localized heating is preferred in Japan…

After breakfast I went out and walked to the busiest shopping street in Kanazawa. My mom’s apartment is small but I love it as it is so centrally located and convenient. The great food floor of the department store was my destination, yes it is one of the famous Japanese “Depa Chika” (Department Basement Floor) and it is a paradise.

Amazing Food Floor in the department store basement
Amazing Food Floor in department store basement in Japan

I wrote about “Depa Chika” last year for Bento&co’s blog site and it you have not read it, please visit and read the post!

They have all kinds of food here, all are fresh and pretty and neatly arranged. Price is higher than ordinary grocery stores or supermarkets but the quality is guaranteed by the pride of the department store. I went here and there, there are so many choices and hard to decide. I was again looking for a bento and I found the one I wanted.  It was the national holiday in Japan, the basement floor was crowded by tourists. It is not any typical sightseeing spot but nowadays thanks to travel guide on internett tourists do have much knowledge about local food all throughout Japan and they love to visit Depa Chika in the destination and pick local delicacy food. They have good and easy food to snack outside like onigiris and nice bottled tea, hot or cold, and it sounds like a good idea to pick up something good and eat in the park.

I was not a typical tourist, I had a destination to eat my bento at today and took a taxi. I will tell you where I visited in my next diary, it will be my Day 3 but I already know I am going there again tomorrow. Not only tomorrow, I will be there every day until I have to go home. Not only me, my sister will be coming there, it is our purpose of travel.
A family matter.

xxx sleepless Rie





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