Trip to Japan 2014 Day 1


Day 1 - November 23, 2014

It is 02:00 In the middle of night now, I am quite awake and hungry (^_^;) I just ate some leftover from last night, even a left over food tastes good in this country. There is no new yummy picture to attach to this post, but I just wanted to write something.

I took a flight from Oslo to Munich (I love #lufthansa) and then from Munich to Tokyo. Now we have 2 international airports in Tokyo, Narita and Haneda, and if you have a connecting flight to somewhere in Japan from Tokyo it is very convenient to fly to Haneda and if you will be staying in Tokyo Haneda is much closer to the city as well. As new as the flight route, the aircraft was quite new, wish the seat was much more spacious but it was ok, let me continue to dream first class comfort in the near future. The most importantly I arrived safely!

I had to take one more leg to Komatsu (it is the nearest airport to Kanazawa). I was very impressed by the efficiency they have designed for quicker and easier transit. I left the airplane and walked to the immigration section, the building is quite new. And everything looks clean and nice. A Japanese WC greeted me with blue lights flickering when I opened the door. No, not inside the bathroom but on the toilet seat! The most high-tech toilet seat I have ever seen, you get many gadgets on the wall to maneuver, you will feel like you are in the cockpit of Dream Liner for 3 min. I waited for less than 5 minutes at the immigration control to be received by an officer, efficiency is the word, no smile necessary. Said good bye to the friendly officer and to my surprise he wished me a good weekend in Japan, a big change is happening. Went pass his counter you are already there to pick up your bag. Proceed to the customs, declare whatever you have to declare, go out to the arrival hall. Airline counter is on your right, check in your bag and go through security check, they will take you to another terminal by a free shuttle bus. It was quite a ride, I wonder if it takes a long time for these drivers to learn the route as it sure looked complicated, a very difficult maze in between 2 huge airports.
15 min later I was at the terminal for domestic flights. Went up the stairs and found a shop selling many yummy bentos.Ekiben is the name for bento to be eaten on trains, here is Soraben, literally meaning Sky Bento in Japanese,

Finally arrived home, my mother was waiting for me. My trip to japan started well, I thought. We hugged. I saw her 7 months ago but felt she became smaller.
Where did the time go?

May I write this kind of short diary here?
I hope you will say ok.

Xxx sleepless Rie


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