Gallery – my bentos June 2014


Here is another round up post with all the bento photos I published in June.
Following the month of May, we were enjoying bright and pleasant early summer month here in Oslo and I continued to produce very tiny things in a more summery theme.  I had a week of producing “Summer Bento” and I really enjoyed making them. Flowers, a strapp dress, a straw hat, beach sandals on the shore that white waves washes constantly… I hope you could feel summer by these bentos. Maiko bento was back, this time it was her appearance from back. I have made her front figure before, it is really a detailed work to make a maiko bento but I really enjoy it. As it takes a longer time, I can not make it so often but I would like to try another one soon.

The month of June started with a bento which I made with inspiration from the beautiful cathedral Rose Windows. You know, you never know what may inspire you and your creativity… Enjoy!

June 2    I wanted to recreate a beautiful Rose Window in a old cathedral in my bento.





June 3   A bento in the theme of Japanese Temari.  Temari is Japanese small balls decorated very beautifully, they are complete hand craft, usually they use silk thread and very fine tapes.  Here is my food version.


June 4
   Japanese Maiko appearance from her back.  I have made her appearance from front before, so made her back version this time. Maybe I should make her side version soon??


June 5    A rabbit bento to make you smile.


June 6  Norwegian log cabin “Hytte” bento


June 7  It was a Saturday but my husband drove to Trondheim from Oslo to help our daughter move. Here is the bento I made for his long road trip.


June 10   This bento started my week of “Summer Bento“, a glass of bubbly champaign makes you feel it’s summer?


June 11  My daughter is back home from University and I made her lunch and a bento for me.


June 12   Summer Bento Week continued. Here is a Strapp Dress bento. Those shoes are very tiny, the hat was embossed first to make it look like it is made of straw.


June 13    Flip flops on the beach.  These sandals are made of radish. TIny world, here I come!


June 14   FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Did you watch the games? I did!


June 17  Summer flowers !  I made a meat loaf (I have a great recipe on my blog, so please check it out!)


June 18   The same meat loaf recipe can be used to make Japanese Menchi Katsu. Here is it in my bento!


June 19  Pork GInger and its recipe!


June 20   A bento in the theme of “June Bride”. This photo has become one of my favorites. A little nostalgic and classy.




June 23    2 bentos for my husband and my daughter. They are both working through the summer.


June 24  A mini bus is driving on an unpaved road in the country side. Peaceful.


June 25    Japanese Chicken “Marume Yaki” appeared for the first time. It was first made with lemon and green chili and later I changed to green onion and red chili because I think it works better. The recipe is on my blog. I really recommend this recipe, very tasty!



June 26    I was tired after watching the World Cup games on TV until late and needed energetic revitalizing orange bento!


June 30  This was my last bento in June. I made roses with ham and cheese.


I hope you get a little bit inspired and got some ideas to make your new bento. If you are new and like to join, please join our bento community. On my facebook page, we talk about various bento-related stuff, so you are very welcome to join us!
Rie’s Bento and Cooking
I have a Japanese page too.
Thanks for viewing!

xx Rie


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