Japanese Chicken “Marume Yaki”

No. 129


I usually have a dinner menu in mind already in the morning but sometimes when I can not decide what to cook for dinner I use this recipe. In a way, this is my rescue recipe which I hope you will find it enjoyable as well! I got this recipe from a lady in Japan and her original version requires some special Japanese ingredients which I can not find here in Oslo, so I have replaced them with things I easily can get hold of. Still it tastes great and this dish is one of my family’s favorite chicken dishes. It takes only 35-40 minutes or so to cook this, too. It is called “Marume Yaki” in Japanese, “Marume” means to make it like a ball and “Yaki” means to fry or grill. It has soy sauce-base glaze that adds a nice flavor to tender chicken breast.  As seen on the above picture, I think broccoli goes very well with this dish, its bright green color is also very pretty next to the dark shiny glazed chicken. Enjoy!

Japanese Chicken “Marume Yaki” (serves 4) 

Chicken breast    580g
Green onion (vårløk)    65g
Red chili         1

A) **
Japanese sake       1.5 Table spoons
Mirin                         1.5 Table spoons
Soy sauce                0.5 Table spoon
Salt                            0.5 Tea spoon

Potato or corn starch    6 Table spoons

Salad oil

* Glaze sauce * 
Japanese sake        30cc
Mirin                          20cc
Soy sauce                30cc
Sugar                        3 tea spoons

White sesame seeds

Note :
 Japanese sake is available at Norwegian Vinmonopolet.
Mirin is a sweet rice wine we use in Japanese cooking.
Asian food stores carry it now but if you can’t get hold of it,
you can replace it with sweet white wine.


1.  Cut chicken breast into thin and long strips and put them in a bowl.  They are about 5mm thick.



2.  Cut off tips and root of green onion, mince it finely and add to the chicken.


3.   Rinse red chili and pat dry with kitchen paper. Cut it open and scrape out seeds and chop into small pieces. Today I used only a half but you can use more if you like it hot.


4.  Add red chili and A)** into chicken and mix everything well.
Add potato/corn starch and bring everything together.


5. Using your hands or spoons, make small balls a 40g, place them on a lightly floured board/plate so that they don’t get stuck on the surface.


6.  Heat a frypan and add some salad oil. When the oil is hot, place the chicken balls and cook over medium heat. Be careful as starch gets burnt easily.


7.  When the chicken balls are cooked through, turn the heat up and pour in the glaze. It has a lot of sugar in it so it bubbles and get caramelized very fast. When a half of the glaze has evaporated, turn off the heat.  As the pan is still hot it continues to caramelize itself. Turn the chicken balls and try to get them coated by the glaze evenly.


Sprinkle white sesame seeds on top and serve while it is hot.
Bon Appetite!


xx Rie

The day after I cooked this dish, I made a bento for myself with a left over piece.
The taste of soy sauce goes very well with rice.  🙂



7 thoughts on “Japanese Chicken “Marume Yaki”

  1. This sounds delicious, Rie – and it looks delicious too. My daughter and I are heading to the Asian market next week so this will be on the menu!

  2. We just tried this tonight!! It was AMAZING!! I can see why your family likes it so much. I think my family does too.

    I added a bit of ginger and substituted rice vinegar for sake because I thought I had sake but didn’t. It still turned out very very delicious! I am curious about the original recipe, the one that uses rarer (outside of Japan) ingredients. Will you ever post it one day?

    1. Hello Biku, thanks for your comment. I am so happy to hear you tried this recipe and you and your family all liked it. I am so glad. 🙂 Ginger flavor sounds good! and you are a very flexible cooker to find something to replace with, very good! The original recipe is published in Japanese and I think I need to ask her permission if I want to translate into English and publish online so I think posting the original one here would be a bit difficult… sorry. But the two Japanese ingredients are Yuzu Kosho and Shiso leaves which i replaced with red chili and green onion here. Yuzu Kosho is a mixture of Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu and green hot chili pepper, so I think adding vinegar was a good choice, Biku. 🙂
      Happy cooking!
      xx Rie

  3. Thanks for this recipe, Rie. It was uniquely delicious when I ate it. I even tried it when it was cold, and it was just fine. I think I might go ahead and add some ginger when I make it. I’m sticking with the original version first!

  4. In your recepie for the meat you have

    Japanese sake 1.5 Table spoons
    Mirin 1.5 Table spoons
    Soy sauce 0.5 Table spoon
    Salt 0.5 Tea spoon

    but I do not see it in your description for how to make the dish

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