Healthy Oriental Shrimp Salad



It has been unusually very warm here in Oslo, newspaper was talking about the record-breaking sales of ice cream this year. Yeah, I believe it. It has been so hot and I also craved cold vanila ice cream! Under the inviting blue sky people are also cooking BBQ so often that they are probably tired of hotdogs, hamburgers and potato salad by now.  How about something different for a change? Something light and refreshing and yet nutiritious with an oriental twist? This salad I am presenting in this post is a typical summer salad with spinach, Enoki mushroom, shrimps, bean noodle served with soy-sauce based oriental salad dressing. Some of the ingredients may sound a little obscure but they are available at asian grocery stores (at least in Oslo where I live. I go to a store called Scanasia, Youngsgate 6 in Oslo, vis-avis Generius Shopping Center near Brugata bus stop).  This is a salad but the ingredients are all boiled and cooked and not raw, rich in fiber, low in calories and no animal fat. The recipe is good to serve 3 people but you can simply double it or triple it to serve a big company.

Healthy Oriental Shrimp Salad

Spinach                              200g
Enoki mushroom               1 pack
Bean thread noodles        1 pack (40g, 1.4oz)
Frozen Black tiger shrimps   10 pieces
Lemon juice                            1 tea spoon

Sesame Vinegar Dressing
Soy sauce      3 table spoons
Rice vinegar   3 table spoons
Sugar              2 table spoons
Sesame oil     1 tea spoon
White sesame seeds

1. Take spinach out of the bag and rinse in cold water, take out and put in a pan. Without adding any water, turn on the heat to cook until it starts to boil.


2. Get a separate large bowl and fill with ice water. As soon as spinach started to boil, take it off from the heat and drain it by pouring into a colander. Transfer the colander into the ice water, let it sit there for 10 minutes.

3. Place Enoki mushroom on a cutting board. Chop off the ends and discard them. Rinse with cold water.


4. Prepare bean thread noodles according to the instruction given by manufacturer. This one I had needed to be soaked in cold water for 5 minutes before I cook it in boiling water for 2 minutes. I boiled Enoki mushroom together in the same pan then. After they are cooked, rinse with cold water and drain well.


5. Defrost frozen shrimps. If they need to be peeled and deveined, please do so before you boil them. Fill a pan with 400cc water, add lemon juice and a pinch of salt, bring to a boil, add shrimps. Cook until the color turns to bright pink. Take out from the boiling water and drain. If you are using preboiled small shrimps, that is also ok.

6. Make dressing. Mix everything in a bowl, stir very well.


7. Cut spinach, bean thread noodle, Enoki in the same length of about 5 cm long. Mix together well in a bowl first before you dish up in a serving bowl. All the ingredients are kind of long and thin, so try to “weave” them into each other.


This salad tastes much better when it is chilled sufficiently. Dressing is chilled separately and poured right before you serve. Sprinkle white sesame seeds on top and just enjoy!

Bon Appetite!

PS…  If you don’t like shrimps or spinach, just cut ham or boiled chicken, thin strips of cucumber and carrot and mix with bean noodle and some scrambled egg. This variation is also very tasty. You can use the same dressing. 🙂


xx Rie



6 thoughts on “Healthy Oriental Shrimp Salad

  1. Hello! I made this recipe for my family tonight, and they loved it! I used beef instead of shrimp, but it was very good. Thank you for the recipe!

  2. I don’t know if my comment went through so sorry for the double comment if it is. I made this for my family tonight (I used beef instead of shrimp). It was delicious! ^o^ thank you for the recipe!

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