Gallery – my bentos May 2014


Following my previous Gallery of my bentos which I made in April 2014, here is a round up post with all the bentos I published in the month of May this year, I hope you enjoy looking at my springlike bentos! As I am uploading these bento photos, I realized I was in a mood of making cheerful and pretty things. The month of May is one of the most beautiful months here in Norway and maybe it was the season who inspired me.. There were very small things with details in my bento in this month as well. The sun started to come up early and I enjoyed getting up and spending time to create these bentos. We had a week called Girly Bento Week and I enjoyed picking up different objects that could be easily associated with typical girly things. One bento was dedicated to my bento friends I communicate almost everyday on Facebook, it became a special bento for me too.

As you may have already found out, my bento style changes from time to time, it is because I just don’t want to be boring or taking safe decisions all the time, I want to be creative for what I do. In order to be creative, I need to be challenging. I enjoy freedome to be silly sometimes and I should not be afraid of making mistakes. Being creative does not come from your hands, I think it comes from your mind. Hands are the important tools I have to produce something creative but it is my mind that moves my hands. I really think so.

The month of May started with a variety deco onigiri bento followed by a bento for Japanese Children’s Day May 5. I made KOINOBORI, the symbol for the day of celebration, wishing all the happiness for our children of the world….


May 2



S4DSC_0640 2

May 7    I made this bento in the theme of “First Love”




May 8



May 9  “A girl with a red hat”



May 12


May 13 – Girly Bento Week 1 – Pink Hearts Onigiri


May 14 – Girly Bento Week 2 – Pink Necklace


May 15 – Girly Bento Week 3 – Liverty Print Blouse Bento



May 16


May 19  Girly Bento Week 4 – Deco Onigiri Bento for girls


May 20 – I made this bento for my followers who love making bento. The small bento on the rice represents our bento outside Japan. Although it may seem still tiny, our bento is surely growing. Look around us, we have lots of room to grow and develop into in the future and I just wanted to express that with this bento….



May 21 Girly Bento Week 5 – CHANEL bento


May 22 – Girly Bento Week 6 – Sandwich bento with mango and strawberry necklace


May 23


May 28



May 30 – Cat Family Bento in the theme of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


Bon Appetite with your eyes.

xxx Rie




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