2 bentos in 50 minutes on 4th of July


July 4, 2014

I made 2 bentos in 50 minutes this morning. Here are the bentos for my family and the sequences from 06:10 AM to 07:00 AM this morning, in my own kitchen.

I was set at 06:00 AM, took out the bento boxes for the day, washed, wiped, clean to go!


Okazu today: Fried egg, Menchi katsu, salad. I made menchi katsu in advance and froze them. I took it out last night and it was defrosted in the morning. I deep fried while I made the fried egg. 06:25 both were done.


06:30  The rice was also frozen and I defrosted in microwave. I am packing it here in the bento box. This is for my husband. He prefers plain rice more than onigiri.


Here is the finished bento for my husband. He left home at 06:40. bye bye, have a nice day.


06:43  Then my daughter got up, I started to make her bento by making 2 onigiris, it was almost 06:45 AM. Good morning!


06:55  As the okazu was already done, it was super easy. I just added some cute touch for the girl. Ham flowers and don’t forget Hello Kitty for her. 5 minutes to 07:00 AM. Ready to go… Oops I forgot something!


The American flag. Of course. It is the 4th of July. Both my husband and my daughter are US citizens, don’t forget this day. Mama’s bento choir for today is done, now I deserve a good cup of tea.


xxx Rie


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