An incorrect delivery


The other day I got a notice from the post office about a package from Tokyo. It says “The package is larger than your mail box and therefore we are taking it back to the post office. Please come and pick it up within 14 days”. I thought it was really strange. I knew it was coming because I ordered it myself and it was about the time it should arrive here. When I order something bigger than my mail box, I always have it delivered to my work. The products I ordered from Tokyo were very small and that was why I gave them my home address. I just could not figure out why it came in such a large box.


Here is the box, and what I ordered were some small bento accessories…. Even if wrapping in Japan is more excessive than in Norway the size of this box was not proportionate! I cut the tape and opened the box to find……


Rilakkuma Onigiri set and Panda Onigiri set!!  Whaaaat???  No, No, I did not order these! My Kyaraben time was light-years ago and I am not going to start it again until I get my grandchildren 🙂

I decided to write an email to the company to tell I received an incorrect delivery from them, but they were fast, an email from the company was already in my Inbox :

“Dear customer, thank you for shopping at our store. We have shipped your order but by a mistake we shipped wrong items. We will ship correct items as soon as possible. Please keep the wrong items, you do not need to send them back. Sincerely, XXX Co., Ltd.”

So now, I have 2 new Onigiri sets which I really don’t need… and I did receive the correct order a couple of days later.


And one more addition is this, balan Shiso leaves made of silicon.  They look sooooo real!



I really liked the thickness, it is not too thin nor too thick. The color is good, I really liked this green color. They look very real, don’t they?

So my bento friends, I will take a benefit of this incorrect delivery and you might see me making Rilakkuma onigiris or Panda onigiris in this summer. They will be for my daughter’s bento ❤ I am so looking forward to making my daughter’s bento again! I will use silicon Shiso leaves in my husband’s bento but I need to make sure to tell him not to eat it! 🙂

xx Rie



4 thoughts on “An incorrect delivery

  1. J’ai aussi le kit panda ! Mais je ne m’en sers pas souvent….
    Les feuilles de shiso sont superbes !

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