Bento Knowledge Market

Bento Marathon 4


There is something called “online knowledge market”, it is a web site where you can write questions to be answered by other users and I am an occasional user of Tripadvisor and a couple of knowledge-sharing markets for photographers. It is usefulI, in my limited experience my questions have been relatively quickly and accurately answered by kind fellow users and I wish we had something like this for sharing bento knowledge. In Japan as bento is so integrated that there are many bento knowledge markets, one of the large ones is on Yahoo! Japan and there many questions and answers like “Which okazu do you like best in bento?”  “Is an oval bento box easier to use than a slim one?” etc. are being actively exchanged. Not only sharing knowledge but also encouragement and compassionate comments are many. One woman was asking for easy and fast recipes for her bento cooking (she had to make 5 bentos everyday…) and really people had good advise for her!

Tonight I was reading a bento knowledge market in Japan and found this question. Both my husband and I thought it was quite funny, so here I like to share it with you. 🙂

Q. Hello. I make a bento for my husband everyday but he took my favorite bicycle the other day and left it somewhere and it got stolen. i am going to punish him with bad bento next week. Monday I will put rice and soup together in one box, Tuesday I will put rice and bread together, Wednesday will be rice and a piece of small ham but on Friday I will make a nice bento for him and I will forgive him completely.  Do you have any idea for a bad bento on Thursday? Thank you for your answer! 

There came 1600 answers (!) in total. Some answers were a little bit too much and mean and many were so sympathetic to her husband, It is not strange if you got as many as 1600 answers the reactions will be varied. I am glad she made a nice bento on Friday and they are happy together again. If I were her, I would make this bento and leave a note “Thanks for the new bike! I love it!!”  🙂




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