Bento along life’s road

Bento Marathon 1

No. 107

From today (May 5) I am going to run a marathon again for 5 days. I did a bento marathon in July last year about food in bento but this time I would like to try a different theme to challenge a series of 5 essays about bento. Both my personal thoughts and true stories and news are included, some advise for a bento contest and my tips to choose bento products will be given. I hope you will enjoy this marathon with me!

As far as bento is concerned, there has been some things happening around me. My husband retired after 35 years of work in March and his retirement has changed our daily life and I am not yet quite used to seeing him in the kitchen drinking coffee and reading newspaper when i make my daily bento in the morning. His old bento box has not been used since March but it looks like he will get a new bento box soon. In Japan it is called Ouchi Bento, it means a bento you eat at your home. The difference is that the Ouchi bento box is flat like a plate and the lid does not close as tight as bento box as you do not have to carry around the bento.


You can put the lid on and place the whole plate in your microwave if you want to heat it up. This will be a new addition to my bento box collection soon but there are many kinds of bento indeed. As for my daughter, she has left home for University 3 years ago and I have been really missing making a bento for her for a long time. She shares so much likeness with me as far as food preference is concerned and she enjoys and appreciates my cooking very much. But good news is that she got a summer job at a company in Oslo and she will be home this summer! And guess what I will be doing, I will be making her bento again everyday. Yeahhh!

Bento along life's road - she was 7 years old then
Bento along life’s road – she was 7 years old then

After summer she will be moving to USA to study and I know I won’t be able to see her for awhile and I will probably miss making her a bento even more, but I am looking forward to this new phase!

In my little home bento is a very integrated part of our life and it is walking along our life’s road. That is how Bento is, it is a lifelong friend for you, for your family and for your friends. Won’t you join me in the bento world?

May 5



8 thoughts on “Bento along life’s road

  1. Nothing says you have to stop making them for her when she goes abroad. Care packages with simple bento boxes full of non-perisable healthy goodies she would like, I’m sure she would love such a thing!

    That said I only discovered your blog today and I’m loving your posts! 🙂

    1. Hi Grace, thank you for your comment and thank you so much for finding me and this blog. (How did you find it?) Care packages will be sure to come, I will just follow what my mother did for me when I was living in Tokyo alone for College. I still remember how nice it was to get “proper food” from home! I lived in a dorm and the food was awful! I am so happy to hear you like my posts, I am so glad!! I hope you will continue to enjoy. Thank you!

  2. I usually take effort on preparing bento’s presentation when my boyfriend attends kendo competition once a year. I often make katsu don (because the sound of “katsu” in “katsu don” can be thought as “to win” haha ^^) and sushi rolls. I applaud mothers, including you Rie, who put much efforts on making bento for their kids because it takes time 🙂

    1. Good to have Katsu Don for the competition!! I used to do Kendo too! Please say hello to your boy friend and wish him good luck! Making bento for kids is fun but it needs a lot of adjustment as they grow every year. It is also a good leaning platform for kids to eat healthy food and develop healthy eating habit. I think bento is an excellent learning tool to master that! Thank you Jessica!

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