My first exhibition in Japan


From March 15 until April 15 a special Bento event ”Enjoy!! Bento Life!” took place at a big store called LOFT in Yokohama in Japan and 2 bento bloggers were chosen to be featured there, and I was chosen as one of the two. (The other lady was a Japanese lady living in Japan. I was chosen as a bento blogger living outside Japan) I was very happy!  I had to present many photos of my bento for this exhibition and here is a part of the panels they made for the event. It was really a big board on the wall at the site. Beside this huge panel they had smaller photo panels of my bento. Yokohama is a large city with more than 3.7 million people and LOFT is a very popular chain store in Japan.  Unfortunately I could not go there and visit the exhibition myself but I received an email from the organizer that they did receive many customers and the event ended successfully. Bento&co was also featured and they had a display of a wide selection of bento boxes and products and it was a very concentrated bento event. I thought the timing was very typical, you know, the new school year starts in April in Japan and you can imagine many many people start their bento life in April. Universities have the graduation ceremony in March and those fresh “employees” start working from April. You can imagine Spring is really the new start of many people’s bento life in Japan.  Here in Europe where I live, graduation is in June and school year starts at the end of August. Whether it is in spring or in summer, it is really nice to see people looking forward to their bento life with a new shinning bento box or a brandnew mug bottle. Enjoy!! Bento Life! 🙂



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