AdBento 2013


December 9, 2013

英文の後和文訳が続きます。Japanese translation will follow after the English post.

Hello! How are you? I hope you are all doing fine, wherever you are in the world.
It is Advento season, we shall wait for our Christmas and have fun with our beloved activity, namely making a bento.  Advent (Avent in french) and bento became together the word “AdBento” in 2011 and we have been presenting Christmas bentoes to our fellow bento friends. I think this project is getting known, slowly but surely, and I like specially that people in many countries can participate together and enjoy this advent season.  You may not celebrate Christmas and you may not have snow, you may not like bento (really?), I hope you will enjoy looking at each wonderful creation.

Here is the details :

This year I will open my wall when Norwegian time has gone into the day December 10.  
You can upload up to 3 photos (3 bentos) in the period of 2 weeks between Tuesday December 10 to Tuesday December 24.  

You can make your own creation of bento, but I have one condition.  Please put something red. Red is the color for Christmas. It can be a food, it can be your chopsticks etc., but please use something red somewhere in your photo. You can use as much red as you want. 

Please write the name of your country when you are uploading your photo. Descriptions are nice to have but not must-to-have. 

If you have participated in AdBento before, you know the procedure. If you are going to join for the first time, you must know you are very welcome.  Maybe those veteran girls will get many LIKES and SHARES and COMMENTS, but never mind. Our goal is not there in those numbers, our goal is to enjoy and participate together in AdBento 2013.  However, I will take the liberty of delete a post which is not appropriate for the project.

Thank you for your cooperation and I do hope you will join and enjoy with us!






・この期間中 お一人3点(写真3枚)まで投稿することができます。





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