Collaboration Bento 2


Hello there!  I have not written a new post here since my blog on the web site of Bento&co started but today I am back. I hope you are reading my blog posts on Bento&co’ site, I am trying to cover a wide range of things related to bento and sometimes the theme of the post is not necessarily related to it but I try to present something fun to read.  My posts are originally written in English and it is later translated into french. For my Japanese-reading readers, I am writing blog in Japanese as well on Bento&co’s Japanese site. Here are the links and I hope you enjoy reading it whatever the language is 😉   :

Rie’s blog in English  here!

Rie’s blog in French   ici!

Rie’s blog 日本語は ここです


Today I am back to show you our 2nd Collaboration Bento.  Collaboration Bento is a project in which we 3 female bentoists (2 from France and 1 from Japan/Norway), Aurelie, Marie and Rie, create a bento each under the same theme. This project started in June this year and the first theme was “Rain” because it was raining so much in Europe after spring and we all wondered if summer would come. It actually did and it turned out to be a nice summer but making a bento under the theme of rain was fun. (You can see our bentos here, “Rain Bento by Aurelie, Marie and Rie”.

This time I chose a theme and it is “Autumn“. Aurelie and Marie were really excited and so was I, and here is our creation together.

Collaboration Bento Autumn 2013

From top :
by Aurelie, France.
Aurelie says, “I’ve tried to make that bento look like a walk in the woods at this time of the year. Full of warm colors and autumn flavors.  

I made a savory cupcake (with Kabocha, sweet potato, parmesan cheese and nutmeg). It’s cut in two halves and decorated with 3 leaves on each one. To make the leaves I’ve used pastry (for the golden brown ones), Apple (for the red ones) and red Cabbage (for the purple ones).

I’ve  used my savory cupcake batter to make savory cake pops. I’ve cut the cake pop and carved it a little to add a piece of baby corn, in order to make it look like a little mushroom.
I also made a sweet hazelnut and walnut tartelette for dessert. I’ve used a maple leaf cutter to make the pastry look like a pretty autumn leaf.
In this bento there is also roasted kabocha and courge patidou (sorry I don’t known the name in english), with olive oil and fresh rosemary.
There is also a pastry squirrel, fresh goat cheese (underneath the squirrel), a slice of corn on the cob, a boiled chestnut, a half fresh fig, two blackberries, one yellow cherry tomato, one purple grape and salad.
Left :
by Rie, Japan/Norway.
Yes autumn is full of warm colors! I made a cute little Onigiri bento in a color theme of orange-red-yellow. In Norway we have lots of pine trees and we walk on dry brown pine needles and colorful leaves on the street. Onigiris are tinted with a touch of soy sauce to be harmonic with other colors in the box. Red mushrooms are halves of cherry tomatoes and the yellow dots are cheddar cheese.
The pine needles are deep fried spaghetti. This deep fried pasta is an interesting thing, this is something I feel I should experiment and explore more. I find it rather as an interesting material to work with than a food. You will maybe come to see more bento of me using deep fried pasta in the future.
Right :
by Marie, France.
You must see the details she puts in her bento box, it is so amazing. I can say this about Aurelie’s bento as well and I can see the touch of French esprit, they are very different from Character bento, it is full of emotions and feelings, color choice is of its kind.
Marie says “My bento has two parts. The top part is the part of ”salt ”,  you feel like you are walking in the forest in autumn where you can collect mushrooms, in the background with mashed turnips cream for the sky and quinoa blonde for the little path, the trees are roast beef, cheese leaves , mimosa and edam. At the foot of the trees there are mushrooms fried with garlic and parsley, with a few blades of grass in green beans.  (Look at this composition, she really has a sense of perspective construction!)
For the other part, which is ”sugar ”,  is a sweet apple picking in an orchard in autumn. The sky is white cheese and the ground is applesauce. I made the trunks of apple chocolate shortbread dough (to be a deconstructed apple pie ), the leaves are crushed Breton cookies, and the red round apples are made with…. !
I really enjoyed myself to compose this bento and I ate it myself at work next day.”
I hope you enjoyed our 2nd Collaboration Bento under the theme of “Autumn”.
See you again at the next Collaboration Bento!
November 3, 2013

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